ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

She was once a teen-mom struggling in poverty. Successful business coach Amber Hurdle shares many tips on how she positioned herself to success.

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Amber Hurdle is an ICF-certified coach and longtime hospitality and mass-communications professional. She takes her experience of working with celebrities, record labels and Fortune 500 companies and translates that success to small businesses, all over the world, through her coaching and training. She effortlessly combines online and offline strategies to help her clients get out of the whirlwind, implement plans and translate their efforts into cash flow, while having tons of FUN doing it!

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This successful podcast coach was once divorced, bankrupted and in a job he did not like. Founder of "School of Podcasting" David Jackson shares his story.

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If the possibility of having a podcast is part of your relaunch strategy, you don’t want to miss this show.

The DEAN of podcasting, David Jackson, is our guest.

He's the go-to guy for creating and growing your show, and turning it into a viable and relevant piece of your business.

Follow David and School of Podcasting on TwitterGoogle Plus, and You Tube.

Other podcast coaches and programs we fully believe in and have trained under.

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Actress Yvette Freeman (nurse "Adams" in ER) shares her weight loss story and her idea of "adding youth to your age" and pursuing the life you love.

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Our guest, award-winning actress Yvette Freeman, is probably best known for playing the role of Nurse Haleh Adams, for all 15 seasons, on the NBC drama ER.  Additionally, she has guest-starred on over a dozen TV shows and motion pictures. More recently, she has just been nominated by SAG, for her role as Irma in Orange is the New Black, and is currently seen in the National Progresso Soup ad, as the old white haired lady! With her great singing voice, she’s won numerous awards from local theaters in Los Angeles to off-Broadway, for her performance in the play “Dinah Was” - recreating the role of Dinah Washington. In addition, she added director to her credits, with several short films.

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She was once house-bound with fear. Women of Faith speaker Patsy Clairmont shares how she overcame anxiety and how the brokenness of our lives is valuable.

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Patsy Clairmont is a bookish woman who loves words with a penchant for dark chocolate sorbet. Ever since spelling bees in grade school, childhood Scrabble games and her current addiction with Words with Friends, she has been known to spell it out; to say it like it is.

Much to her surprise, she has written a stack of books, which continues to fuel  her passion for the printed page. Nothing pleases her more than to share her faith through laughter and tears and to encourage others to flourish.

Take a peek at her growing library collection. (Twirl, Catching Fireflies, Stained Glass Hearts, All Cracked Up, and many other titles.)

Patsy Clairmont is one of the founding speakers of the Woman of Faith movement and former agoraphobic.

Connect with Patsy on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, and visit her site.

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After divorce, he became "aimless" and started drinking. Indie author Beem Weeks shares his story of getting sober and publishing his first book in his 40s.

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This Michigan native and father of two grown children released his debut novel, Jazz Baby, in 2012.

He has recently published a collection of short stories entitled Slivers of Life.

Connect with Beem on TwitterFresh Ink, and on Good Reads.


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"Facing the Giant" actress Shannen Fields shares her career path and how she was able to "do it afraid" and achieve her dreams - a story of God and Faith.

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Actress, producer, model & inspirational speaker Shannen Fields was born and raised in a small southern town where life was simple and sweet. Despite those small town roots, her childhood dreams and desires were to do something in life that was much larger than herself.

In 2006, her God-sized dreams were realized in her feature film debut, Facing the Giants.

In 2009 she had the privilege of traveling to Australia to film Suing the Devil alongside accomplished actor Malcolm McDowell. Shannen has also worked on additional feature films such as Rumors of Wars , My Name is PaulLet the Lion Roar, Love Covers All, Adopted, and many others.

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Divorced, lost business income... Jeff Goldberg, an award-winning sales professional, was once stuck. He shares story of grieving loss, rebuilding success.

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Jeff is the co-author of two books, “Leverage Your Laziness!” (an Amazon Best Seller) and “How to Be Your Own Coach” and is also a partner at The Entrepreneur Center on Long Island where he’s a Business Growth Strategist and heads up the Corporate Training Division.


Connect with Jeff Goldberg on his Website and Twitter.


Jeff Goldberg is an award-winning sales professional with 4 decades of sales, sales management, training & consulting experience. He has had the opportunity to teach, coach, mentor and speak internationally in front of tens of thousands of sales professionals, ranging from financially successful veterans to the most junior new hires in a diverse array of industries.

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Cena Block, the founder of Sane Spaces, shares her career transition from corporate and how she became a guru in helping busy moms to get organized.

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Check out Cena's book Time to Toss It: Get uncluttered and organized

The resource Cena mentioned (and we use too!) ASANA

Connect with Cena on her website, Facebook and Twitter.

Cena Block is the founder of "Sane Spaces" and creator of the Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI™). As a small business systems strategist, radio host, speaker, and author, Cena helps smart, savvy moms-on-a-mission who are short on time, gain clarity, get organized, systematize workflows, and get support so they can create profit within part time hours! Her ideal client struggles to balance four key priorities: her drive to succeed, the pull to support her growing family’s needs, the desire to create a profitable and sustainable business, and still work on her own flexible terms!

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Modeling coach Aaron Marcus shares his own career path and insights on the business of acting & modeling: getting those jobs might be easier than you think!

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Transformational coach and creation expert, Boni Lonnsburry, shares her struggle - "loneliness, despair and hopelessness" and show she turned it around.

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Get your copy of her ground-breaking book - The Map.

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Startup guru Evo Terra shares his own entrepreneurial story, and his insights on the truth and myth of business success for the modern day startups.

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Check out some of Evo's titles - Making Killer Google+ ProfilesThe Beer DietWriting Awesome Book Blurbs, and Podcasting for Dummies 2nd ed.

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Katie Krimisos from "Biz Women Rock" shares her story of starting up after leaving corporate and the journey she took to attract true love and success.

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Katie Krimitsos is the Founder of the Biz Women Rock podcast, a show that highlights the business journeys of savvy women from all over the world.  She provides education, support and collaboration opportunities to the thriving online BWR community!  Katie also runs a local community of entrepreneurs called the Tampa Bay Business Owners with her husband Chris.  She’s a lover of travel, animals (she has two pet parrots) and the water!

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This dynamic couple launched "Go for No". Speaker, sales trainer Richard Fenton Shares their startup story and a "Ghost Story" book they launched recently.

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Check out their "Ghost Story"  - Think Life is Precious Now? Just Wait Until You're Dead! Onyx Webb: A Supernatural Soap Opera ("It's fundamentally about a woman who has died. She lives in a lighthouse and she watches people who are alive sleep walking through their lives, not paying attention to what they're doing, wishing their time away. Not taking chances, and it kills her. She would give anything for one more day of life. And she watches people who are just wasting their lives.")

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She didn't feel like a "whole person" for years until she healed from trauma and start to follow her dream to write poems again. Nikki Ann Schmutz shares.


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Nikki Anne Schmutz knew by the age of ten, she wanted to be a writer. She is a poet, novelist, screenwriter and closet singer/songwriter. She is editor-in-chief of Community Orange Magazine, serves as administrator of Writers World Poets Corner Facebook group and is the poetry editor for Eat Sleep Write.

She also reads poetry on the Eat Sleep Write podcast, "Voices of the Writers". She lives in Utah with her husband, four kids and two poodles.

[Tweet "A Life from Darkness to Light #healing #ptsd @NikkiSchmutz"]

Nikki's poetry collection - In Speaking Of...: a Poetic Journey from Dark to Light

Follow Nikki on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, and visit her site.

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Daytime drama "General Hospital" actress Lilly Melgar shares her acting journey and her story of relearning self-love and enjoying what she does again.

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Our guest today, the amazing & delightful Lilly Melgar, began her broadcasting career hosting a show named Tu Musica, on UnivisionShe then was featured on the cover of Latin Cosmopolitan, while hosting other shows on Univision and Telemundo. She made television history when she was written in to play opposite Ricky Martin on General Hospital, making them the first Latino couple ever on daytime TV. Since then, she's gone on to play numerous roles in front of and behind the camera. Currently, she co-hosts a fun, top-rated show, called Soap Box.

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Jon Acuff, the famous author of "Stuff Christians Like" and "Quitter" gives practical tips for closing the gap between your day job and dream job.

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Our guest today, Bev Flaxington, is a two-time best-selling and Gold-award winning author, an accomplished entrepreneur, consultant and college professor. But more importantly, she has cracked the code on human behavior. In her book, Make Your SHIFT, she lays-out the five most powerful moves you can make to get to where you want to be. She also shares them on the show.

Another must-have title from Bev - Understanding other People: The Five secrets to human behavior

More about our guest - Bev has created a number of successful approaches for changing human behavior and helping companies reach higher levels of excellence, including the Sales Effectiveness Model, the S.H.I.F.T. Model™ and the Five Secrets to Successful Selling™.

She is a frequent speaker and contributor to articles on the subjects of sales, marketing, behavioral issues, employee and career issues, effective time management and dealing with difficult people.

Follow Bev on Twitter, LinkedInGoogle Plus, and visit her site.

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Medical school opportunities turned into a park-bench reality, as the second-year student dropped out to find himself broke and homeless. However, as he shares on the show, his education continued in a very non-traditional way - people started showing up in his life to pour into him what he couldn't get from academic and clinical settings. He tells a heart-warming story of how a policeman, after waking him up on a park bench, left a ten dollar bill for him to find, just so he would be able to eat breakfast.

Understanding things at a new level, including his own challenges, he was able to return to finish-up what he had begun.

On the show, author of From Fatigued to Fantastic and Real Cause, Real Cure: The 9 root causes of the most common health problems and how to solve them, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum debunks folklore, conventional wisdom and accepted truths, to offer a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

Link to his free App "Cures A2Z" on iTunes.

Follow Dr Jacob on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, and visit his site.

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She won gold medals, changed careers, battled cancer. The most decorated woman in US gymnastics history, Shannon Miller on how to set and achieve goals.

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Playing in the snow with his teenage friends took a near-tragic twist, when he decided to ride down the slippery slope by himself. The speed of the sled, boxtop, or whatever it was he was piloting, came to an abrupt stop, when he plowed into a tree, fracturing his skull, plunging him into a coma.

The reason his injury is relevant to today’s show is because of what took place after the accident - The communication and cognitive restructuring, that was part of his own healing, is what helped him become a sought-after expert in his field. Said another way - By solving his own problem, he has become equipped and able to provide rock-solid solutions for others.

Author of Power Cues: The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact, Dr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication theorists and coaches.

More about our guest - A passionate teacher, Nick is committed to helping people find clarity with their thinking and ideas – and then delivering them with panache. He has been commissioned by Fortune 500 companies to write for many CEOs and presidents. He has coached people to give Congressional testimony, to appear on the Today Show and to deliver unforgettable TED talks.

Follow Nick on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, and visit his site.

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Nothing like a little bit of Weird Science to kick off the week. One of the things I learned from speaking with today's guest, the amazing actress Kelly Le Brock, is that she was hired at the very last minute to play the fantasy character, Lisa. With limited movie-making experience at the time (The Woman in Red was her first),  she was flown in, with the clear understanding that she had only two days to commit her lines to mastery.

Not only did she live up to the cinematic expectations of John Hughes and company, her performance, along with the shenanigans of Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr, Bill Paxton and others, has made the movie a teenage classic.

The show, with Kelly, is not about the glitz and glamour of Hollywood or red carpet treatment, it's about being courageous in the battle, believing in your abilities and chasing what you believe you were called to do.

Follow Kelly on TwitterFacebook, and Google Plus.

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Mel Robbins, host of Robbins Rundown and author of Stop Saying You’re Fine, cuts to the chase to give practical wisdom and guidance. Her raw, fearless approach focuses on results over reasons and intention over excuses.

(Excerpt from Mel’s best-selling book – Stop Saying You’re Fine.)

"Every day you’re bombarded with images of people doing better than you. There is an endless stream of reality shows selling the fantasy that somewhere out there are celebrity trainers, designers, and talent scouts helping people just like you lose weight, spice up their wardrobes, or launch music careers.

Of course, you know this isn’t how the world actually works.

No, you don’t have a reality show or Hollywood team doing everything for you – but you don’t need them. You are very powerful when you put your mind to it.

Everything you need to live the life you want is right there at your fingertips. You can be healthier, more confident, happier and have a greater level of success. You can shrink the gap between the life you want and the life you lead, until it doesn’t exist at all."

Follow Mel on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, and visit her site.

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Although working his way into a high paying gig in his 20s, his self-worth suffered.  The validation from others and his work, became his only identity. Functional at work, he turned his emotions inward, against himself, and began using drugs. Living "unconsciously" as he calls it, the go-getter and difference-maker he used to know, was fading fast, with not much more than a shadow taking its place. The overdose that should have taken him down, actually gave him the opportunity to begin again, to get it right. Host of Game Time Movement, Andy Zitzman talks about recovery, self-love and finding your way back.

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She earned her biology degree, turning it into a six-figure-a-year sales career in cardiac medicine. She built her own home with shelves of trophies, trinkets and awards, she had racked up over her twenty-year career. And then, life happened; her positive outlook turned into survival mode - her parents had passed and she had a million dollars stolen from her in a banking ponzi scheme, courtesy of Bernie Madoff.

When I read a vignette of her story in the international bestseller Unwavering Strength, it was all the confirmation I needed. As Deb drove her mom back and forth to her radiation and chemo treatments, she learned at a much deeper level, how to pray, connect, and discover.

On the show, author of The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue, Deb Scott talks about finding faith, living in gratitude and how you can turn an upside-down- world, right-side-up.

Follow Deb on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, and visit her site.

More about our guest - Deb is a motivation and lifestyle consultant, specializing in working with business and corporate environments to transform poor interpersonal dynamics and low-energy groups into high-powered, successful, dynamic teams.

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If you’ve seen the movie "Facing the Giants", you'll be able to relate to the story of struggle and heartache, faced by Zechariah and his wife. In the film, Coach Grant Taylor (Alex Kindrick) and his wife Brooke (played by actress Shannon Fields), were facing the frustration of not being able to get pregnant and have a child. Throughout the story, the two main characters grew in their relationships with each other, with others and with God. The movie turns a climactic corner, once the male lead (Taylor), reaches desperation and surrenders, fully, his will to God.

Similarly, Zechariah (today's guest) and his wife struggled to have children. Unlike the characters in the movie, they weathered through four pregnancies, losing all of them at different developmental stages. Their climactic turning point came when they began to shift their mindset from what could have been, to what is now coming. They did something phenomenal - They started preparing to receive God's blessing.

As the movie drew to a close, you could see the dad (Taylor) playing with his little boy, while a pregnant wife looked on lovingly. Today, in Zechariah's home, he and his wife now have three. He joins us on ReLaunch and shares how his hope was restored and how the experience changed how he runs business.

Here's a blog that covers the three steps for restoring hope he talks about on the show.

Follow Zechariah on TwitterFacebook, Google Plusvisit his site.

More on our guest - Zechariah has owned and operated two Figaro’s Pizza restaurants since 2004, growing sales by 3x their initial annual sales. He writes and speaks on restoring significance to one's life and on finding and pursuing a calling. Everything he puts his hands to comes from a place of restoration.

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In January, 1993, while still a teenager, today's guest was being fingerprinted at the White House, by the FBI.  It wasn’t because she was a security risk or up to any trouble (that we know of). She was applying for a volunteer position in Bill Clinton’s White House.

(On the show, Laura Schwartz shares how you can climb to the top by using the networking power of social events.)

Get Laura's easy-read book - Eat, Drink, and Succeed

As an unpaid phone handler and call screener, she recognized the opportunity being presented and that for her to seize it, was completely her own responsibility.  Often the first one in and the last one gone, she got her shot at an entry-level administrative position. From there she climbed to Midwest press secretary, then director of television, finally landing a pinnacle role, as director of events, where she coordinated and produced the president’s events on the world’s stage.

She has since gone on to be a recognized expert and political commentator for Fox NewsCNN and, pretty much, everywhere else.

She was named as one of the best keynote speakers by Meetings and Conventions Magazine.

Follow Laura on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, and visit her site.

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Joining us on the show is, Dondi Scumaci, powerhouse speaker, contemporary thought leader and author. She shared valuable tips for career success in the corporate workplace.

Today's show begins with our guest telling a delightful story of her overseas trip to Africa. It involves , wild monkeys, an early morning wake-up call, five-star tent dwelling, and packets of sugar.

Dondi's ReLaunch: After twenty plus formative years, while cutting her teeth and honing her skills in the corporate world of finance and leadership, she still didn't know all the answers (no one really ever does) but, she held fast to her faith in God and belief in her own abilities, to step step fully into a business or her own making.

Dondi's books include Career Moves,  Designed For Success: The 10 Commandments for Women in the Workplace,  A Softer Strength: The Six Characteristics of a Powerful Woman of God, and Ready, Set...Grow!,

Follow Dondi on TwitterFacebookGoogle-plus, and visit her site.

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