ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

On the show, Peggy McColl, New York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized expert (her books have been translated in 33 languages and sold in 82 countries) in personal and professional growth, development, and marketing, shares key strategies and laser-like points, perfect for new and aspiring authors.

Seriously, listen to this episode if you want to become a successful author sharing your story.

Need to finish-up your book fast and serve it up hot? Peggy wrote the foreword to this one - The Bake your Book Program

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Here are a few of Peggy's other titles: Viral Explosions! Proven Techniques to Expand, Explode, or Ignite Your Business or Brand Online and Your Destiny Switch: Master your key emotions and attract the life of your dreams.

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On the show, Chief Infodoodler, and, as named by Fast Company magazine in 2011, one of the most creative entrepreneur on Twitter and in business - is author, TED speaker and doodling evangelist, Sunni Brown.

Outside the norm? Yeah me too. Learn how to harness it. Read Sunni's first book - Gamestorming: A playbook for innovators, rulebreakers, and changemakers.

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Pei and I try to add value with every show we put out. We know that your time is at an all-time premium these days, which is why we do our best to  bring you the best insights and interviews possible, with the people who can help you move the needle in your own biz and life.

The show today might sound a little different than you're used to hearing. While most guests talk about a ReLaunch! they've already experienced (looking back gives perspective and learning opportunities), Sunni talks about challenges she's currently facing in her life and relationship and was bold and courageous enough to sort through some of her stuff on the air.

We recognize that you may be going through a tough spot too and this show might give you the idea or solution you're looking for. Do us a favor, if you got value from this show, TWEET ME and tell us why.  

Need a plan for how to think differently? Read Sunni's bestseller - The Doodle Revolution: The power to think differently.

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After years in corporate America, working and leading in the male-dominated IT industry, the pain and almost overwhelming stress of her job began to show up in physical symptoms – anxiety and panic attacks accompanied by routine trips to the emergency room.

With prayer and patience, she realized that to be fully alive, and to live the life God had for her, she would need to be proactive and intentional with her decisions and actions. And, with a plan, she decided to change everything in her life.

Get Cathy's book - Lies, Love , and Life

Not only did she not fade back into default mode at her job, she moved into a career that she was already doing as an unpaid-hobby – inspiring, empowering, and equipping individuals and audiences through her speaking, coaching, and writing.

Take a peek at Cathy’s other book – Emotional Bailout! and one of her personal favorites – 7 Habits by Stephen Covey.

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Golden Nuggets from the Show

  • Life change is not a quick-fix; when you allow yourself time to evolve, your worries will dissolve;
  • There are lies we tell ourselves we don’t realize. Fill in the blank: “I can never find/have____.” What you’re thinking is what you attract to yourself, because your subconscious shapes your behavior.
  • “I had the disease to please – allowing everyone to take over and own my identity”;
  • Why do goals for the new year fade after just a few weeks? We take our eyes off the prize and “life creeps in” or subconscious takes over.
  • Be aware that when you have a vision/goal, your subconscious will try to take over with “you can’t do that”, “you are too old…"

Success tip: 

  1. Make sure your affirmations contain the three-Ps: they’re positive, present-centered, and personal.
  2. In the beginning of change, surround yourself with supportive people. Sometimes the first negative comment you hear, tends to throw you back into that default place where the toxic stuff is ready to take over.
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He’s cranked out four CD’s as a solo act, created an incredible personal development training program for solo-preneurs, and he’s written or co-written four books,including one of my favorites - the million selling book, QBQ! the Question Behind the Question. On the show, rock and roller turned author and speaker, David Levin shares tips, ideas, and strategies on focus and productivity. He also shares solid takeaways for new and aspiring speakers.

Follow David on Twitter and Get Focused Everyday.

David's Backstory >>> Busier than ever, he made the mistake that many of us make in the first half of our professional lives - he confused activity with accomplishment. And, as he explains on the show, by the time he had reached his mid-30s, he realized two things - that he was wasn't achieving all that was possible and therefore was falling short of the person he was capable of coming.

He realized something else too - that this was unacceptable to him. 

David learned how to remove distractions, break out of mediocrity, and take 100% responsibility.


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On the show, Pastor Ricky Texada shares his story of unexpected loss and personal devastation, offering new perspectives on God's amazing ability to heal, restore, and make whole.

Get a copy for yourself and for those struggling through loss, heartache, or disappointment - My Breaking Point, God's Turning Point.

Ricky Texada's backstory >>> On December 17, 1996, our guest's world was rocked and his life forever changed. Leaving their church offices, tired but grateful for the good news that had just been delivered by the senior pastor - they were in line for advancement and pastoral ordination in the church wherein they both served. The traffic light flipped to green and he steered the white Oldsmobile straight and to the left, as his wife Debra motioned and mentioned that all she wanted to do was to go home. 

Without warning, they were blindsided by a speeding car driven by a man that had a blood alcohol level of nearly twice the legal limit; (.18).

As rescue teams worked to stabilize Debra's condition, prayer warriors quickly arrived and multiplied at the hospital, assembling a Divinely-inspired, spirit-filled task force.

Later that same night, Debra slipped from this world and found her home in eternity.

This show is not about the tragedy of a life that was taken suddenly and without warning. The show highlights and illustrates the healing and restorative power available to all of us through a relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. 

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On the show, radio host and author of the upcoming book, The Politics of Promotion: How High Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead, Bonnie Marcus shares proven ideas that will help you build visibility, become your own advocate, and land your next promotion (even if you hate to self-promote). 

Bonnie's Backstory >>> Fueled by her own professional expectations, her sites were set on the next higher rung to the corporate ladder she was scaling. It was a familiar step-up plan; her eight years of hard work and experience landed her in a vice president's role. Then, as the corporation reorganized itself , ruffling feathers and reshuffling key stakeholders, she found herself passed over for a promotion and heartbroken by a loss she was certain she had earned.

From bitter to better, she became her own student and her own solution. She learned what she didn't do, and has since, flipped her painful experiences into empowering moments for her readers, listeners, and students. 

Ready for a promotion? Take Bonnie's complimentary Political Skills Assessment (no opt-in needed) first, and make sure you've got your bases covered. 

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On the show, global keynote speaker (TEDx, SXSW, Web 2.0, WSJ Digital), author, 15 year acting veteran, and social media expert John C Havens.

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John's Backstory >>> With ministerial aspirations early in life, he wanted to do work that mattered, for people who cared. Unfortunately, as often happens, life threw him a couple of curve balls that triggered unplanned for, unwelcome life events (the loss of his father and of his job in his mid 40s), that shook the foundation he stood and was depending on.

Take a peek at Hacking Happiness and Tactical Transparency.

As with most life-changing moments, it caused him to reevaluate his life, values, priorities, and legacy. His conclusion - He wanted to find happiness (Seems obvious right?) and he wanted to help others find theirs also. 

Not only did he launch an incredible speaking career that's taken all over the world, he's zeroed-in on the art and science of connecting happiness to actions with The H(app)athon Project.


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On the show, former yo-yo dieter and chocoholic, turned fitness trainer and model, Becky Fox joins us to share her personal struggles and solid ideas for building a Foxy Body.

Becky's backstory >>> Some of us can pinpoint exactly where we were in our lives when we made the decision that things would now be different - healthy, life-affirming, and exciting. Becky was swirling in a relationship that was draining her energy and robbing her of the value she wanted to share with others. And, to add an extra layer of complication, she was staring at a checkbook that had a lot of room for growth.

It may not be fair or pretty, but sometimes we have to reach a new low, before we can hit a new high.

Somewhere in her journey, like many of the relaunch artists we've had on the show, she reached a point where she had no choice but to choose herself. And, that's exactly what she did. She chose herself. She walked away from the people and situations that were not building her up and  closed that unhealthy chapter in her life.

Follow model and fitness trainer Becky on TwitterFacebook, and visit her site.

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Path of Development – Like most coaches, authors, and speakers, becoming successful in business takes a blend of many ingredients – passion, determination, talent, self discipline and faith. David Horsager shares key points and triggers that he studied, learned, and ran with. He gives incredible examples from his own experience and that of some of the world’s greatest achievers.

Trust is the competitive advantage. Learn how to develop it within your business and share it with those your serve.

Get the book - The Trust Edge: How top leaders gain faster results, deeper relationships, and a stronger bottom line. 

Success and Business tip – Be 100 percent focused on what is most important.

Be on the lookout for these mistakes:

  1. The promise of overnight success;
  2. A multi-focused approach;
  3. Lack of clarity.

His A'HA moment - Values, guide decisions. (Practical application – Once he understood and was clear on his key values [all he needed was a handful], they became a beacon, guiding his business and life.)

Favorite book – The Bible – Prov. 12:22 “The Lord delights in the Trustworthy.”

Best quote – “It is the little things, done consistently that make the biggest difference.”  – Robin Sharma

Action steps (If he were starting over from square one) – Decide what small, but important little things you can do immediately, to quickly grow the business.

Follow David Horsager on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus and visit his site.

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For all things related to website traffic - like how to generate more of it and what to do once you have a stadium full of people, she is your go-to gal. On the show, proud mom, loving wife, devoted Christian, and Internet marketing whiz, Ana Hoffman is our guest. She shares ideas that have helped her contribute to her family and build a stay at home business.

Ana's backstory >>> Born in Russia, she was no stranger to trying out new ideas and exciting opportunities. In fact, she and I share a laugh when she quickly answers one of our questions with, "I was young and stupid!" When the company she worked for gave her the option of coming to America, single and ready for her next adventure, she jumped at the chance. The new-culture freshness didn't last and before long, she was ready to head back to her motherland to begin again. And then, as often happens in life, God throws a curveball and says something like, "Really? Well what are you going to do about this?" She met a man, fell in love, and was married within three months.

Later, with a new born baby and a husband medically discharged from the Air Force, Ana knew she needed to build a business that would compliment her family, rather than work against it. 

Follow Ana on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, and visit her site.

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She suffered from clinical depression. On the show, fitness trainer, Amy Clover shares her amazing come-from-behind ReLaunch! story and her rallying message - Your struggle is valid. You owe it to yourself to find a solution.

Amy's backstory >> She was a phone call away from becoming a statistic. She had given up on people, herself, and the possibility of a better tomorrow. The note was written. The details taken care of. And the last phone call made. It was the suggestion made by her ex-boyfriend that put things in motion. As they were wrapping up the conversation, he begged her to get help, to talk to someone, to make another call. She called Suicide Hotline. Thankfully, for all of us, there was a kind, understanding, non-judgemental soul on the other end. 

That late-night fateful call and the emergency room visit that happened the following day, triggered her to begin an amazing journey of self-discovery and exploration. And, while she was labeled with "clinical depression" from her high school days, and had given in to drugs & alcohol, and other risky behaviors more than once, she learned that she is worthy of a change for the better.

While it didn't happen overnight (it doesn't for any one), through her own determination and willingness to grow, she was able to combat depression and she discovered how to be strong from the inside out. 

She not only lost the 30-lbs she had been fighting with, she also developed the confidence she needed, to make the difference she wanted.

Resource she mentioned: 7 Cups of Tea - where people can connect with others who would listen.

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He was abandoned by his dad at age one and his mom when he was six, yet he made it through his childhood. By the time he was fifteen, he tried to take his own life twelve times, but still made it to adulthood. Somewhere in his unimaginably traumatic journey, he found HOPE and the willingness to move on. Now in his 30s, he has made it his mission to empower and equip today's at risk youth, for tomorrow's possibilities. The founder of A Human Project, Wes Chapman is our guest. The rallying cry that he shares - If only you believe! 

Information on his Biography - Runt: The story of a fearless child

Wes' backstory >>> There is an amazing resiliency in kids. Even though, beginning from pretty much day one, he was abused in every way you can imagine - spiritually, physically, sexually and emotionally, he never used it as an excuse or as a way out. Taken in and sheltered by a single woman he affectionately refers to as mom (she would become disabled shortly after taking him in), he learned how to harness the fortitude and spirit within him.

A true entrepreneur, he shares a funny story of how he took it upon himself to go door-to-door in his neighborhood to sell fresh cut flowers. The problem was, the flowers were pulled and cut from mom's garden. When nine year-old Wes pulled out a wad of cash that would choke a horse ($500), the laughter-filled response was priceless - "Go cut more flowers."

Follow Wes and A Human Project on TwitterFacebook, and get involved.


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She has been featured in Forbes, US News, and a variety of other media hotspots. On the show, career coach and founder of the Revolutionary Club - The #1 destination for smart women who won't settle for anything less than career happiness, Christie Mims. She talks about how she was able to find clarity over craziness and gives the one trigger that has never failed her. 

Christie's backstory >>> Like many people circling the wheel of corporate performance and measures, she tricked herself into believing that with the next promotion, she would, finally, be happy. Sharing openly on ReLaunch! that, while working herself into positions of respect and admirability, she was miserable on the inside. She tried to medicate herself away from the misery (like many of us do or have done), seeking thrills and experiences that would numb the pain - exotic vacations, shopping, over-eating, and watching too much TV.

She knew a new plan was needed, designed around her passions, but she was scared - scared others would find out that she didn't like her job and scared that she didn't really have a passion.

To ReLaunch! her life and career, Christie gave herself three favors:

  • She hired a coach;
  • She explored (you have to hear the ideas she tried!)
  • She took action. 

Follow Christie and the Revolutionary Club on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, and visit her site.

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From experience, he learned the best way to approach business ideas and opportunities - not as a life or death ("I'll make this work even if it's the last thing I ever do!") ultimatum, but as a dabbling exercise and an experiment. As the results from his science project came in (10,000 subscribers in the first month), the next phase for his business, became clear. On the show, founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner and author of Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition, Michael Stelzner, shares three key ingredients that put SME on the map, that can also speed your businesses' growth. 

Michael's backstory >>> Originally, known by many as the whitepaper guy, he had grown weary of the same-ole, same-ole. Like many entrepreneurs, the repetitiveness of the daily tasks took away the passion and personal reward that was, at one time, the force that drove him. Somewhere along his journey, he realized that he didn't want to  create just another business (he had created multiple ones), but to start a movement. As an undiscovered thought leader in a new space, he fought through feelings of doubt and hesitation and did something that only a true entrepreneur would do, he literally deleted his business identify (what the world saw online) to begin anew.

Follow Michael and Social Media Examiner on TwitterFacebook, and Google-Plus.

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Emotional intelligence and leadership expert Mary Pat Knight joins us on the show to share three steps that boosted her confidencecleared the runway, and guided her to where she needed to be.

Mary Pat's backstory >>> Like most children, she learned the rules for getting by – “stick to the route”.

And, while she was able to professionally pursue her childhood passions of singing and dancing, once the pizzazz started to fade, and the sizzle turned to fizzle, she was devastated, overwhelmed, and stuck.

Coping and dealing with the unfamiliar emotions as best she knew how, by her own admission, she looked for someone or something to blame – family, choices, and wrong information.

When her frustration reached a head, she left behind two things that were no longer serving her – a relationship and her first career. Woman entrepreneur Mary Pat Knight shares her journey of creating the business she loves.

Her Golden Nugget: Feedback is a gift, no matter how it’s wrapped.

Two books that helped her in her relaunch and transition:

Follow Mary Pat on Twitter and Facebook. Mary’s complimentary resource on her site: Five reasons your team is not engaged.


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On the show, award winning author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, and Conquer your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques, Dr. Kathy Gruver shares four ideas on how you can de-stress your lifeIn addition to her writing credits, she has been featured in major publications such as - TimeGlamourLadies Home Journal, and Prevention. 

Dr. Gruver's backstory >>> With stars in her eyes and an energized spirit, she drove to LA to stake her claim as an actress. Over time, outgrowing the acting business, she and her boyfriend pulled up stakes and headed to what they hoped would be greener pastures, in another part of the Golden State. As the business deal she was counting on fell through, she had no choice but to rely on her own courage and resourcefulness to pull through.

Beginning again, she knew she had the wonderful opportunity to create the life and the lifestyle that was uniquely her. 

The coolest part of this show is how she actually figured out her ideal life. She was actually play-acting a role in a murder mystery and concocted this elaborate theme of a life that didn't yet exist. That theme would become the foundation for where she was headed. 

Dr. Gruver's third book - Body/Mind Therapies for the Bodyworker and other Health Professionals

Follow health expert Dr. Gruver on TwiiterGoogle-Plus, and visit her site.

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On the show, lifehacker, serial entrepreneur, and host of The Competitive Edge, Scott Britton joins us to share his journey pursuing a fulfilling life, his favorite success routines and life hacks.

Scott's backstory >>> After stringing together some big ticket wins early in his entrepreneurial career (one of them with eight zeroes behind it), most people expected him to continue doing the same thing - to climb into the captain's chair, man the controls, and launch the next big money-maker. He, on the other hand, was searching for more than just his next financial windfall. He was hungry to tap his potential and experience life at the highest level possible. With opportunities on the table and career choices in the balance, he pulled off what was a surprise to some and an encouragement to others - he chose himself.

Scott's Four Game-changing Morning Routine questions

  1. What decisions and actions have you been putting off?
  2. What actions make you completely scared yet you know taking it will greatly benefit your life?
  3. How Would you feel to accomplish those actions?
  4. Today I commit to ___________.

Follow Scott on TwitterGoogle-plus, and visit his site to download his complimentary reports of life hacks and tools.

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The divorce turned his world upside down. By outward appearances and society's standards, he was doing great - a great job, money in the bank, and a portfolio of 20-plus rental properties that spun-off healthy, annuity-like payments. While I would never pretend to understand fully the heartbreak and financial devastation he experienced, it haunted him. As he shares on the show, he wasn't just down for a season, he was practically down for the count.

Ready for a ReLaunch? Read Shawn's book - Change your Mind - Change your Results

Near square one, once again, an unlikely stranger said something to him that changed his outlook, attitude, and direction - "If you live in the past, the past will become your future". From that moment on, he was no longer satisfied with settling for average outcomes and minimal participation (his words not mine), he developed an empowering new mindset and followed it up with explosive, expectant-level action. For him, failure was not an option.

Author and results coach Shawn Shewchuk joins us on the show to share proven methods to achieve your goals now.

Follow Shawn on TwitterFacebook, and visit his site for his complimentary gift -   The Three Irrefutable and Proven Methods to Achieve your Objectives Now

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On the show today is a lady who has mastered the art and science of doubling client engagement and opt-in rates. In one single email campaign she generated more than $40,000 in sales  and with a product launch, she produced in excess of $75,000. Business marketing architect and content strategist, Lisa Manyon shares how she broke the mold of traditional marketingsales, and promotion tactics, designed a better system, and broke through her own glass ceiling.

Lisa's show is a perfect example of doing what's right, rather than what's accepted.

Lisa's Complimentary gift - Find Your Voice: The New Mkt Model for Success

The backstory >>> While she had learned and honed her craft from some of the biggest marketing gurus in the industry, the tried-and-true system she knew well, needed a facelift and a boost of creativity and energy. 

With a rebel's spirit and cautionary steps, as she explains on the show, she began moving beyond the safety of her work computer, slowly and quietly, maintaining her steadiness and checking in frequently for feedback. It was the feedback that helped her to see a BIG marketplace need -  the one for which she could be the go-to solution. 

What she learned and shares on ReLaunch! 

  • The differences between old school tactics and modern day marketing;
  • Where the REAL buying power comes from;
  • How to be persuasive without being pushy;
  • The easiest and simplest way to invite your customers to do business with you. 

Follow Lisa on TwitterFacebook, and visit her site.

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If your marriage is in need of a quick start, jumper cables, or even life support, you’re going to want to tune in for today’s show with husband and wife authors, Jeff and Lora Helton, of the 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge. They share ideas to improve your marriage communicationintimacy, and fun.

The Helton's backstory >>> Like most newlywed couples, they were excited about the possibilities and eager to build a healthy, happy home. And as kids started to show up (Jeff and Lora have four), and the routines of career and everyday life kicked in, as they openly share, after about seven years, their marriage drifted from center stage, to a back burner.

In a support group setting, it was a woman's comment that jolted Jeff out of the groove he had settled into. (He describes it well on the show.) In a nutshell, she recognized the anger and resentment he had built-up over the years and by her choice of words, got his full attention. Those stinging words helped to set the challenge and the commitment for personal and marital growth and development. Jeff and Lora have been happily married for twenty-seven years.

Need ideas for better conversations? - 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge

Pastor Jeff Helton has served as pastor and church leader for more than twenty five years - mentoring, coaching and linking arms with men, couples, and families. The “better half” of the Helton crew, Lora, is passionate about mentoring and speaking into the lives of moms and young women. She has a masters degree in clinical psychology and has practiced privately for seven years.

Follow Jeff and Lora on Twitter and visit their site.

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Bernie Siegel, a trained surgeon, believes that the power of healing stems from the human mind and will. And, while the scalpel may buy time against the ravages of cancer, self-love and determination are more important than choice of therapy.

His philosophy has caused radical changes in his practice and the treatment process.

The front-runner joins us on today’s show. 

Follow Dr. Siegel on TwitterFacebook, and get the book.

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On the show today is podcast and commercial voice over artist, Rye Taylor. In addition to doing some incredible magic acts when it comes to voice, creativity, and sharing the best part of a message, he is also the host of Take Action Q & A. I love how he does his show - he brings in the movers and shakers of business, picks their brain, and has them answer one specific question from a listener, follower, or fan.

As he likes to say, " Solving the world's problems in 10 minutes or less", his show is one of the fastest ways to get a quick audio education that I know of.

Rye's Backstory >>> Let's just say that being a pastor, was a generational vocation - he was a pastor, as was his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He knew that world well and had the graduate level education to back it up.

He was serving as senior pastor when he made the decision to step away from traditional "pastor's work" and explore the entrepreneurial side.

Here's why - The lion's share of the people he was ministering to weren't that interested in vision casting, pushing the limits, or striving for more. All of which were his specialities. 

Frankly, as he talks about on the show, they were content where they were. And that OK, for them. However, for him to grow, serve, and "minister" in a way that was truly honoring to all (even God), he had to do his own thing.

Had he stayed in the familiar small church setting, he could have missed-out on true opportunity for ministry. 

Follow Voice-over talent, entrepreneur and podcaster Rye on Facebookvisit his site, and subscribe to Take Action Q&A.

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Author and podcast host Kirsten Ross launched her business as a single parent about ten years ago and has been a catalyst for helping companies motivate their employees getting buy-in for the long-term vision. She has two great books out Defeat the Drama and From People Problems to Productivity. She’s been all over the media like NBC Nightly News and NPR. She also hosts her own show - Defeat the Drama

Kirsten's backstory >>> She had been called a failure and a sham for so many years, for her own self defense and survival, she she would shrink and make herself smaller and smaller. Emotionally wounded, but persistent in spirit, she did what a lot of moms and wives often do, she tried to fix what was beyond repair. 

Her ideas and energy started to flow once she shifted her focus from repair mode to creation mode - specifically, creating a business and a home that would support her faith and family

Follow woman entrepreneur Kirsten on Twitter, Facebook, visit her site, and subscribe to Defeat the Drama.


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Many of us self-help and personal growth junkies have read books or listened to programs in which the creators ask us to imagine or write-out what we want our ideal life to look like. It's a great approach for some and no doubt, can be very revealing. However, for today's guest, it was a different framework that caught her interest and gave her the clarity for what to do next. 

She focused her attention and her intention on how she wanted to feel each and every day.  Beyond business metrics, to-do lists, and conference calls, what she really wanted to experience was - peace and calm. Accountability coach, productivity strategist, and host of Live your Life Now and Get the right (bleep) Done, Liz Brazier joins us on this very practical show to share how she walked away from twenty-plus years in IT sales in the corporate world, to experience a life of her own making. 

Book recommendation:

The Fire Starter Sessions by @DanielleLaPorte 

Liz shares Productivity Tips and Techniques that will help you:

Track your time for 3 full days and gain clarity on where you waste your time.

Web tool: Focus at will -

Web tool:

Web tool:



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Path of Development - Jane Atkinson has been helping speakers catapult their careers for more than 20 years. She started as an agent representing speakers and when several of them quickly went from 0 to 80 engagements per year, she became known as an influencer in the speaking industry.

With that kind of rep, she landed a VP spot with International Speakers Bureau in Dallas, where she represented several celebrities, best-selling authors and business experts and learned. For the past 10 years, Jane has run Speaker Launcher.

Common rookie mistake for new speakers - Lack of positioning. Marketing yourself as an expert in multiple categories.(Ex. leadership, team-building, time management, conflict resolution, goal setting, etc.)

Business advice – While everyone has a story, not every story is sellable (in the speaking business). Package your speech or a version of your story in a way that people will pay for.

Get Jane’s book – The Wealthy Speaker and The Wealthy Speaker 2.0.

How to be a triple threat in your business – 1) Hone and sharpen  platform skills; 2) marketing skills; 3) sales skills.

Transition from full time job to be a speaker? Carve out designated time to work on the new business; transition gradually, give yourself a three-year window.

What contributed the most to her success – mindset and relationships. Several years ago, a coach challenged her to write down the specifics of her ideal life. That exercise alone was transformational.

Immediate action steps (If she were starting over from square one tomorrow) – 1) Pick a lane (be very clear on what you want to be known for); 2) Develop targeted marketing and informational materials; 3) Create a website using strong language; 4) Build a solid foundation upon which to grow.

Follow Jane and Speaker Launcher on TwitterFacebook, and get involved with her Platinum Mastermind.

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At age 40, she felt like “playing Small, playing Safe” - She was making other people wealthy but have not achieved her life's goals. The famous coach for speakers Jane Atkinson shares her midlife relaunch and great tips for speakers.

The first lady of speaking, Jane Atkinson has been helping speakers catapult their careers for more than 20 years. She started as an agent representing speakers and when several of them quickly went from 0 to 80 engagements per year, she became known as an influencer in the speaking industry.

Need to polish your skill? Get Jane's latest how-to guide - The Epic Keynote.

With that kind of rep, she landed a VP spot with International Speakers Bureau in Dallas, where she represented several celebrities, best-selling authors and business experts. For the past 10 years, Jane has run Speaker Launcher.

Here's a link to the first show we did with Jane. In it, she outlines the common rookie mistakes of new speakers, how to be a triple threat in your business, and what contributed the most to her success.

Ready to get paid for your speaking gigs? Read The Wealthy Speaker.

Follow Jane on TwitterFacebook, and visit her site.

"Guided Meditation for Creating Wealth" Jane Mentioned during the Show


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Do you remember what we were doing two years ago - early Spring, 2012? Our guest, Stephanie Decker, was in the middle of a storm.

As a category five tornado ripped through the tiny town of Henryville, Indiana, lifting her home off its foundation and smashing it to the ground, she used her body as a shield to protect her two young children from flying debris, falling beams, and a disintegrating house. Even after her legs were crushed from a structural collapse, her motherly instincts did not fail her - directing her kids on what to do next.

She did what any mom would do for her family. Because of her heroic efforts, her children walked away from the rubble unscathed. As she explains on the show, “Not even a scratch.”

Since the accident, Stephanie has inspired a nation. She has appeared on the Today ShowThe Ellen Degeneres Show, ABC World News Tonight (as "person of the week"), and featured in publications such as USA Today, and People Magazine. She also started the Stephanie Decker Foundation, which helps children with prosthetic legs, enjoy sports and helps people gain access to leading-edge prosthetics.

Follow Stephanie on TwitterFacebook, and visit her site.

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