ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

This is the second half of the conversation I had with Darren.

In this segment, he begins by answering one of our listener’s questions about his early-morning success habits.

Don't read this book, STUDY IT!!!  The Compound Effect

Other questions he responds to:

  1. You take a pretty radical approach when it comes to your consumption of media. Why is it so important to you to limit your exposure to television and/or radio and how has that decision impacted your life?
  2. What is the greatest challenge people face in making The Compound Effect work?
  3. You talk about how, by using the principles found in the book, you not only strengthened your own marriage, you also helped a buddy completely turn his around. Would you share how that happened?
  4. You talk a lot about your mentor, Jim Rohn, and the importance of mentors and peak-performance partners. Why is having a mentor so important and what is the best way to find one.

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While he may not have appreciated it at the time, those early-morning wake-up calls by his football-coach dad, were setting him up for something big - a six-figure income in his own business, by the time he was 18 and the creation of a $50 million business, by age 27.

DO NOT read this book! STUDY IT!!! – The Compound Effect

Publisher of Success magazine, New York Times bestselling author of The Compound Effect, husband, and humanitarian, Darren Hardy, joins us on the show.

In this two-part podcast series, he talks about, among other things –  mentors, success routines, habits, momentum, media exposure, marriage, and of course, the magic of the compound effect.

Here are some of the questions Darren expands upon:

  • How do you define the Compound Effect?
  • Why did you write The Compound Effect? And why now?
  • You talk about how significant success stems from very small changes. How does that work?
  • In the book, you mention that consistency is critical for the Compound Effect – how so? Talk about consistency as related to habits and building momentum.
  • You discuss the power of establishing success routines. Talk to us about why that is important and what are some of your routines?

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On the show, this guy is one of the most versatile, talented and funniest entertainers I’ve ever seen.His wit, humor, and genius has dazzled audiences in all the familiar hot spots - Showtime, HBO, the White House, and the famous Apollo Theatre. The performer has shared stages with Aretha Franklin and James Brown. He’s also joined Jennifer Aniston and Dana Carvey on the big screen. Originally one of my first guests (years ago), comedian, actor, humanitarian, and philanthropist, James Stephens III, joins us on the show.

James’ backstory >>> (Academically trained as an attorney, funny man James Stephens III had to follow his passion to create a better way for at-risk students.)

Comparing his early years to a scene from the hit movie "The Blind Side", he was born the youngest of seven children, adopted out around the age of 8 and raised by a loving family, outside of his race.

Through the spiritual and emotional blend of God’s grace and his parents’ loving embrace, he not only made it through secondary school but went on to attend Georgetown University, earned his law degree and then went on to clerk for three years.

With an impressive educational pedigree in the background and a bright law career in the foreground, today's guest chose to walk away from the legal world to follow his heart and live out who he truly is: an entertainer.

By trusting his own intuition and gifts, James achieved notoriety and has appeared on a number of television shows and comedy specials, which included performances at the White House, the famous Apollo Theatre and Carnegie Hall.

While success on the stage didn't happen overnight, God’s hands were at work in the comedian's life; revealing, something bigger than he could ever imagine.  

By harnessing his talents on stage and being true to his passions for entertainment, ministry and kids, he aligned himself with the greater need of at-risk students. The James Stephens III Foundation has contributed more than $500,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors.

By following his VOICE, James is able to speak into the lives of millions of people; millions he would have missed, had he settled for the corner office.

Follow James on Facebook, check out his You Tube and donate to the James Stephens III Foundation.

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Entrenched in a worn-out plan, he did what was expected - he went from high school, to college, to corporate, to misery. And, like you and me, the sparks that filled his dreams and kept him awake during his teen years, flickered in his twenties, smoldered in his thirties, and were all but forgotten by the time he reached his 40th birthday. 

Bruce 's bestselling book - You Can Go  the Distance 

Miserable by the life he was watching go by, he was battered by many of life's punches - two bankruptcies, a spousal mental meltdown, and cancer. As he explains on the show, for him, a good day was "a day I could get through". Bestselling author, life coach, speaker, and Marathon runner, Bruce Van Horn joins us on the show today to share three solid action-steps for taking control of your healthsanity, and life

Three game-changer books in Bruce's Recovery - The War of Art,  Man's Search for Meaning, and The Alchemist.


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With only nine bucks in his pocket, he left his homeland of India in search of another dream on a different continent. Taking a sales job, he absorbed the culture, closed deals, and quickly climbed the rungs. Through a wonderful series of events and divine intervention sprinkled all along the way, he ended up with a ticket that would change the course of his life - an event ticket to see the legendary Zig Ziglar speak. From that ordained encounter, the young man from across the world, worked his way up from entry-level telemarketer, to VP of Global Ops.

“I Want to Train People to Look For Light Switches, Not Just Open Doors”

Success Doesn’t Happen When You Get the Opportunity” 

Author, speaker, and ambassador for the Ziglar family of companies, Krish Dhanam, joins us on the show to share priceless nuggets about art and science of belonginghumilitycompetitionplanningpreparation, and careers; gems learned from Zig himself. (If you didn't know, he is one of only two people trained personally by the master of motivation.) Read Krish's amazing book - The American Dream - From an Indian heart

More from Krish's library - From Abstracts to Absolutes and The Immigrant Attitude

Follow Krish on TwitterFacebook, and visit his site.

Ziglar’s golden words to Krishna “All I did was opening one door, but I train you so well that you ran looking for light switches. Today is not about the opportunity I gave you, it’s about you taking that opportunity”.

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The Boston Globe called this guy “an uncommonly honest author”. The Wall Street Journal called him a “marketing guru”. And, as far as I know, he is the only professional actor that is also a New York Times bestselling, business author. To his credit, he has only fallen off the stage, into the orchestra pit, once… (According to my sources.)

The incredible Michael Port joins us on the show to share a personal struggle with food and weight loss, and the ReLaunch that not only helped rescue his health, it strengthened his business and beefed up his bottom line.

What you'll hear in this episode - honesty, humility, and humor.

"The Cornerstone of All Performance is Improv, be Adaptable" 

"You can’t take anything away from me. I am who I am. But when you hide something, then you feel like people can take things from you."

Michael's incredible library of resources - Book yourself SolidBeyond Booked SolidBook yourself Solid IllustratedThe Contrarian Effect, and The Think Big Manifesto.

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Author of the incredible book, So Long Inner Critic – Hello Inner Champion, nationally known speaker, trainer, and performance coach, Marcie Stern joins us on the show.

Marcie's backstory >>> While she originally followed a career path that seemed to be well laid-out – a graduate degree and then a career in hospital administration, she knew that “something was missing”, and there had to be “more out there”. By her own admission – She was a gerbil trapped in the wheel of status quo expectations and experiences.

Realizing she wasn’t making the contribution she knew she was capable of, she still had lingering doubts as to her own value; the question she would often ask herself – “Am I good enough?”

Despite the self-doubt, she held strong to her convictions and stepped into the unknown entrepreneurial world.

Her turning point: “This is my opportunity to be heard!”

Beliefs and heavy questions she had to remove from her thinking: “How can you leave something that’s successful?” “Are you really contributing to your family?”

Marcie's recommended reads: Finding your Own North Star by Martha Beck, What to Say When you Talk to Yourself by Dr. Shad Helmsetter, There Must be More than This by Dr. Judith Wright.

Free resource and report from Marcie: 10 Tips to Say “No” Gracefully

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Going into immediate survival mode, her life as a new mother changed in an terror-filled flash when Samantha, her 18-month-old daughter, almost died before finally being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. As she openly talks about on the show, she became desperate, angry, and physically unhealthy as she did everything she could to raise an insulin dependent child. It took 13 years for today's guest to realize that, while busy saving her daughter, she forgot to save herself.

Inspirational speaker, strong mom, and author of the upcoming book, "Saving Her, Saving Me", Bonita Lehmann, joins us on the show to share how she took control of her life back, stayed accountable, and got her game on.

Our ReLaunch! eBook gift to you - 7 Days of Self Care

 Bonita's turning point

After ignoring years of signs and signals that were trying to get her attention, she awoke early one morning with the imaginary realness of being choked into submission. She then heard (maybe felt) an inner voice assuring her that today was the day for a change in plans.

One of the best parts of her entire journey

Her daughters grew to respect her and became her biggest fans and cheerleaders. 

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Our guest, G. Brian Benson, is an actor, multiple award winning self-help author, filmmaker, speaker, radio personality, musician, inspirational poet, children’s author, finisher of over 50 triathlons (including 4 Ironman distance races), cross-country bicyclist, and someone that believes in YOU! On the show he shares his best ideas and tips for how to believe and trust in yourself, even if no one else does.

Need ideas on how to live a healthy, fun, and balanced life? Check out G. Brian's books - Finding your Voice and Brian's List 

G. Brian's backstory >>> After about twelve years in the family business (a golf center), he was burned out and ready for more than just a change; he was ready for a new beginning. Allowing himself the room to stretch, grow, and understand, he kept open to possibilities and on the lookout for exciting opportunities. And, while he's already accomplished a life's worth of work (in my opinion anyway), in real-time, all of this is still showroom-fresh for him. 

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Taking a break from their studies, he and a few college friends were hoofing-it to a nearby party when he decided to short-cut through a wooded area. Making his way off the beaten-path, he found himself perched on-top of a towering train trestle, 40-feet above the rushing currents of the local river. The fall took from him the mobility he had in his legs and as he explains on the show, was an "unbelievable setback" that stacked-up to two months of rehabilitation. In the beginning of his very personal ReLaunch! he had to relearn many activities that were once second nature to him.

Keynote speaker and author of the upcoming book F.E.A.R. N.O.T. - Embrace Life's Journey, Dale Spencer joins us on the show to share the two main ingredients that have steeped his courage, accelerated his professional growth and helped him achieve his goals.

An empowering AHA! observation Dale shares

"I am not obsessed with the journey behind me."

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They were both disenchanted educators. Nicole knew she was on the passion-absent safe path and Omar understood that he could be easily replaced. One of the frustrations she felt was that she couldn't see herself as anything other than a teacher. For him, his creativity was held captive.

As they both felt boxed-in, they ended-up quitting at the same time - eager to stretch their legs and chase their entrepreneurial dream. Hosts of People Who Know their Sh*t, the teacher-turned-entrepreneur duo of Omar Zenhom and Nicole Baldinu join us on the show to share their hopeful message that there is life after teaching. 

One of the reasons Pei and I are excited to have them on is because they have found another application for their training, experience, and passion. Don't get me wrong, they're still in the teaching, empowering, and equipping business, they're just doing it now on their terms - whenever, wherever, and with whomever  they choose. In a nutshell - Business Republic (Omar and Nicole) help bootstrapping entrepreneurs build viable and profitable businesses they can be proud of.

One other thing about these two, they are launching another podcast, The $100 MBA, which will feature fast, no-fluff, 10 minute business lessons. 

Follow Omar and Nicole, on TwitterFacebook, and through their podcast - People Who Know their Sh*t. 

Need a real business education without the debt, commute, and annoying professors? Link arms with Nicole and Omar and get an MBA education for only $100. 

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With a lifelong dream of being a comedian and an actress, she moved to Los Angeles when her daughter was only two. Understanding the urge and the importance of being available for her family, she created a business that gave her the flexibility to work from home. With self-study in a field that was very distant to her, she became an in-demand political consultant and ended-up wearing that all-consuming hat for eight years. On the show, she explains that she "hated every minute".  She even developed what she refers to as "resentment lumps". However, as you'll hear in her voice, she was more in love with her dream. Comedy actress, voice-over goddess, and co-host of the Angriest Trainer Podcast, Anna Vocino, joins us on the show to share the hopeful advice and lessons that kept her in the game.

If you're new to Anna, she has an amazing ability of finding comedy in the chaos, which is a good thing because her husband and teenager still live at home. 

Ideas Anna shares

  • Personal and professional growth is an incremental process;
  • Understanding why things happen, takes time;
  • Lighten up. 

Best advice Anna received during her ReLaunch! 

Stick around long enough and they'll have to hire you. 

Follow Anna on Twitter, Facebook, and visit her site.

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Host of "My Midlife Sucks", Lori Dean joins us on the show to share four ideas and a handful of tips that can help us revive our mid-life champion.

Path of Development: Lori was working at a non-profit organization when she got a surprising call to be a radio host. Since that pivotal moment in time, she has become quite the broadcast media veteran - having logged hundreds of hours as a morning show co-host and producer, as well as a creator and host of music and interview shows.

ReLaunch! revival tips:

  • Feel the excitement in your body and allow your imagination to run wild.
  • Understand what you are supposed to be doing. Ask "Wouldn't this be a great way to live if____" Then gently push away from the ego's voice of "not possible";
  • The relative safety of the comfort zone is all an illusion;
  • There will be ups and downs; accept wherever you are and know it's going to pass.

What also helped:

  • Instead of waiting for retirement to do the unexpected and courageous, Lori and her husband sold their home and traveled for two years;
  • She learned to adapt, be curious, and expect a miracle;
  • Lori made meditation and daily intentions, a priority;
  • She learned how to take herself lightly and to surround herself with fun-loving people.

A book that influenced her greatly: Reframe your blame - how to be personally accountable.

Follow Lori on TwitterFacebook, and visit Rockstar Radio Systems.

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Actress turned healer and facilitator, Patty Alfonso, joins us on the show to teach us on how to deal with change, and to share three powerful questions that will challenge our beliefs, clarify our possibilities, and empower our soul.

Patty's backstory >>> When people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would repeatedly answer - a cross between Mother Theresa and Marilyn Monroe. In other words, an influential, compassionate saint, with an edgy flare and a bold approach. She began acting in the 8th grade making stops in Puerto Rico, Georgia, and eventually ending up in California. She figured that if she became famous enough, she would then be able to help many people. Unfortunately, her ego's desire for fame, coupled with zero spirituality led to a life of parties, drugs, alcohol, and abusive relationships. 

In the words of one of our earlier guests - She was paying a high price for low living. 

Her turning point, sobriety, and ReLaunch! came when she realized that there had to be more to life that what she was experiencing. 

Follow Patty on TwitterFacebook, and visit her site.

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Ever wonderful what makes a speaker get on stage, an author pour out their soul, or a firefighter run into a burning building; even when they're nervous, scared, or fearful? Second generation firefighter, Captain David Soler (Ret) explains. 

Captain Soler's backstory >>> There's no gentle way to say this - Going through a very difficult bankruptcy (I'm not sure there's any other kind), he lost everything. Here's the encouraging news - He got in touch with what no person, challenge, or system could take away from him - his knowledge, faith, spirituality, and solid relationships he had forged. 

Show information >>> Second generation firefighter, founder and publisher of Fighter Toolbox - the fastest growing firefighter online training magazine in the world with over 500,000+ page views monthly, joins us on the show to talk about the differences between fear and panic. Captian Soler (Ret) explains that while panic immobilizes, fear can be harnessed tapped into as a positive emotion.

Two game-changer books that should be in your personal development library - The Compound Effect and The Strangest Secret.

Follow Captain David Soler on TwitterFacebook, and visit his site.

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She's performed with Cher, Pink, Janet Jackson, John Cougar Mellencamp, Lenny Kravitz, and is currently on tour with Toto and Michael McDonald. The amazing Jenny Douglas Foote joins us on the show to share her tipping-point, one more try moment.

Jenny's backstory >>> Swaying and weaving back and forth to whatever beat was available, as a toddler, she was rocking the crib. With an unquestionable love for music, performance, and dance, it was woven into her DNA. Harnessing the passion she felt and the abilities she developed, she entered a contest and recital around age 13. With her mom in the audience and all eyes on her (you probably know what happened next), she froze. That terrifying event (at least for me it would be), along with other false-starts and set-backs she'll explain on the show, caused her dream to be deferred. Not deleted


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Serial entrepreneur, host of Men seeking Tomahawks , and Podcast Movement co-founder, Dan Franks joins us on the show to share how he took his conference idea, raised money through crowd funding and a Kickstarter campaign, and turned it into a national conference that continues to outgrow venues and organizer expectations. And, it's still a few days away.

Dan also shares a productivity tip that has helped him steer away from the entrepreneurial fear of time away from family and talks about the validity of vulnerability. 

If podcasting is a possibility for your business ReLaunch! do not miss this event!!! Get your tickets and strap yourself in for an action-packed weekend. Here are just a few of the speakers and presenters for the three-day event:

  • John Lee Dumas, Cliff Ravenscraft, Jamie Tardy, Chris Brogan, Michael O'Neal, Natalie Sisson, Michael Stelzner, and Nick Unsworth.

Follow Dan on Twitter,Facebook, and get your tickets for Podcast Movement

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Joining us on the show today is a true podcast front-runner.He took his dream of producing daily, content-rich, podcasts, and turned it into a seven-figure media machine. He is the go-to guy when it comes to CREATING - GROWING - MONETIZING a podcast. If you're not familiar with his show, Entrepreneur on Fire, it is a must, for up-and-coming, aspiring go-getters, game-changers, and world dominators. John Lee Dumas is back on ReLaunch! to share the key ingredient (two actually) that helped him turn a sparse list of contacts into a stadium filled with fans, followers, and students. 

Think podcasting might be for you? Check out John's no-strings attached complimentary webinar, to decide for yourself.  

Two game-changing ideas you can use immediately

  • The power of F.O.C.U.S.
  • The incredible importance of an AVATAR. (John explains both on the show.)

Podcasting points covered

  • The podcast App is set to go native on all iPhones.
  • In 2015, major car manufactures will have podcast-ready equipment installed.
  • The majority of people don't yet know what a podcast is (about 3 out of 10).
  • The world is going on-demand and at-your-fingertips.

Podcast Movement 2014 >>> Just in case you didn't know, John is one of the headliners at this year's Podcast Movement Conference, (August 15-17 in Dallas/Ft Worth). He will be taking the wrapping off of what the future holds for podcasting. You will be amazed at the dollars that Apple, car companies, and smart phone developers are investing in podcasting. 

Follow John on TwitterFacebook, and check out his free weekly Podcasting webinars. 

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Business strategist and PR expert Lauren Anderson, joins us on the show to share a handful of ideas and practical tips that will help us find our entrepreneurial voice. 

Jumpstart? Get Lauren's book - MO! Live with momentum, motivation, and moxie

 Ideas and insights Lauren shares

  • Doing something different doesn’t mean leaving EVERYTHING behind. 
  • Listen to what trusted sources say about you and ask them “Why?” – a great way to learn about your strength.
  • Keep “in touch” with your past relationships while making new connections.
  • When making a transition, “ease out slowly”.

Lauren’s recommended reading – Thriving on ChaosJumpstart your Customer Service, and any book by Ken Blanchard.

Follow Lauren on Facebook and visit her site.


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Driven, ambitious, and successful in their careers, by pop culture standards, they had it made. However, on the inside, their marriage was at a low point.

With nothing left to talk about but office politics and the maintenance of life, the bottom had all but fallen out.

World travelers, authors, and hosts of Married with Luggage, Warren and Betsy Talbot join us on the show and share what they did to get groundedfix their marriage and live their dream life.

Their approach - "Say 'yes' to everything. The world will open up its opportunities." 

Think it's impossible to live abroad? Read their story and decide for yourself.  Married with Luggage

Get the conversation started. 

Figure out the daily cost of a dream life. It's not as much as you might think. 

Follow WarrenBetsy on Twitter, Facebook, and visit their site.

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Many authors have spoken about the importance of forgiveness and the act of forgiving others, regardless of the injustice or crime committed. And, while the concept makes sense in our head, it often gets lost somewhere before it gets to the heart. Our guest, writer, speaker, and courage-crafter, Di Riseborough, has put together the blueprint for helping us know what to do to make the connection. 

If this is where you are, try this book - Forgiveness: How to let go when it still hurts

Di's backstory >>> Frankly, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have shown the same strength of character that she did. She was on the recovering end of her grandmother's murder; a murder by a family member.

Getting by the best she could, she finally realized, that she had never allowed herself to fully grieve the loss. Her breakthrough came through a live event she attended. For one of the first times in her life, she dropped her defenses and allowed others to see her cry

As you might imagine, for her, it opened wide the floodgates of awareness,, understanding,  and, believe it or not, opportunity. 

Three AHA! moments Di shares

  • She was worth more than what other people expected of her.
  • No matter what she does, there will always be judgement.
  • Peace is the way to happiness.

Follow Di on TwitterFacebook, and visit her site.

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When he was just 21 years old, he started a business with his brother Scott, which they built to over $20 million in annual revenue. Since that time, he has developed over 500 sales managers globally, with sales and leadership in 37 countries. Author, speaker, and incredible storyteller, Ty Bennett,  joins us on the show to share a key idea for how to stop fear paralysis. He also talks about how to handle naysayers.

Need a boost in your presentation and speaking skills?                                          

Read these books by Ty - The Power of Influence and The Power of Storytelling 

Ty's backstory >>> Although he experienced financial success relatively early in his professional life, like many entrepreneurs, there remained a tug within his spirit; the thought that there is more to life than business and P and L sheets. When he made the decision to shift his role to focus on a speaking career, even the mentor who helped him build his earlier business warned him and flat-out told him "no".

While Ty knew firsthand the benefits of seeking and following wise counsel, he also knew the stirrings of his heart and value of his message. He also knew, that to live up to his own potential, he had to make a way to share it.

 Four rock-solid ideas Ty expands on

  • If you entertain fear, fear will entertain you.
  • If you've never had a naysayer, you haven't pushed your own envelop.
  • Action is the antidote to fear.
  • Mastermind with people who are a step or two ahead of you. 

Ty's recommended read - Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Follow Ty on TwitterFacebook, and visit his site

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On the show is the host of one of today's hottest podcasts, shaped and designed for the woman entrepreneur - Biz Chix Podcast. She is also the co-founder of ScheduleMax - an automated piece of scheduling heaven, perfect for podcasters, coaches, doctors, and appointment-driven businesses. Podcaster and entrepreneur Natalie Eckdahl joins in to share specific steps that helped her, recover after a breakup, rebuild and ReLaunch! her relationships and business. She also shares three incredible productivity tips. 

Natalie's back story >>> Driven and incredibly ambitious, she was on the fast-track in multiple areas - out of college at age 20 with a graduate degree that followed shortly thereafter, a husband with a thriving law practice, and a daughter by age 29. That all came to a screeching halt when her marriage "blew up". In an instant, she was a single mom, without a job, weighed down by mixed messages and unknown outcomes. Eager to learn and grow (or maybe it was just a survival mechanism), she reached out for help. As she explains on the show, she found the tools and techniques that helped her to begin again, discovering things about herself that, for her to get her life and sanity back, needed to be challenged and upgraded.

Game-changers in her recovery process

  • Individual and group therapy;
  • Going deep into her faith;
  • Journaling. 

One of Natalie's AHA! moments she talks about

I still cared how other people saw me, but I didn't let that define me anymore. 

Productivity tips she unpacks on the show

  • Outsource at work and at home;
  • Touch your email only once a day;
  • Only look at your email if you have time to respond.

Follow Natalie on TwitterFacebook, and Biz Chix website.

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Joining us on the show, is Scott McKain, Hall of Fame speaker and author of some of the best business books around, including "Create Distinction" - named by thirty major newspapers as one of the “Ten Best Business Books” of the year. Scott McKain shares how unexpected, personal loss and financial devastation, forced him into a must-do professional ReLaunch! What he learned about distinction, creating value, and delivering results were the game-changers he needed. 

Three must-have business books for your library: Create DistinctionAll Business is Show Business, and his most recent, 7 Tenets of Taxi Terry

Scott's back story >>> It happened not long after his wife left her corporate job. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and after a courageous battle, she passed. Unfortunately, since she left her job, the McKains were without medical coverage and, in the fight, completely fried what was once a healthy nest egg. Alone, and in many ways, starting over, Scott's business ReLaunch! focus, was no longer on being after dinner entertainment. He was clear that he had to do something significant that made a real difference.

Two AHA! observations Scott shares on the show

  • Having confidence doesn’t mean you are not scared, but means you can move forward any way.
  • The easiest thing to do is what you have always been doing.

Advice he would give his younger self

  • Do work that matters.
  • Don't sleepwalk through life. 

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She was about halfway done writing her book proposal when three compounding events turned her world upside down - her father passed away after a short, two-month fight with cancer, her mom went into a coma, and on Christmas Eve, her now ex-husband, let her know that he had he lost all their money and was leaving her for a stripper. Seriously??? A stripper??? Forced to sell her home, she was broadsided by the choices someone else made and had no choice but to ReLaunch! out of necessity and survival. Humorist and author Lee Gaitan joins us on the show to share how she made it through a midlife tragedy and found humor in the mess she was thrust into.

Need a laugh? Get Lee's book, My Pineapples went to Houston, and find humor in plans gone outrageously awry.

 Two of the AHA! moments Lee shares

  • She realized that pushing through the book writing process would help her find hope and healing (she learned the value of vulnerability);
  • Recovery and rebuilding happens moment by moment. 

Her ReLaunch! advice

  •  Ask for help - Some that you think will come to help won't; others you think would never come, will. 

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On the show is mobile APP developer and creator of “Podcasting” - the interactive, high-touch, high-content online magazine, specifically for podcasters. Nurse, turned entrepreneur, Drew Griffin joins the conversation to share the two main reasons he left the "security" of nursing, to enter uncharted, sink-or-swim waters.

Drew's back story >>>  After 25 years as a wound care specialist, the father of three, had become traumatized by what he saw. With an ongoing interest in technology, coupled with  the mounting frustration with health care, he knew what he needed to do, but just didn't know exactly how. Knowing that he was called to touch the lives of more than he could, within a traditional hospital or clinic setting, he put his research and learning to work. And, once his APP hit the 10,000 download mark, he knew he was on to something that would help him bypass borders and regulations and make a significant difference. Download the Podcasting Magazine APP and see what all the buzz is about.

Two AHA! moments Drew shares on the show

  • There are no right or wrong answers, only consequences.
  • I am still fearful every day, however, I am more fearful of not trying. 

Four pieces of advice Drew would give to his younger self

  • Smile more;
  • Take more chances;
  • Have more fun;
  • Follow your heart.

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