ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Working in the restaurant, co-owned with her husband, things moved so fast, she didn't have time to think. Not realizing she had grown addicted to the stress of constant knee-jerk reaction and motion. Once she left the business, she found herself spiritually restless, uneasy, and ready to reconnect with herself. Not knowing any better (no formal training or advanced  degree), she picked up her first paintbrush at age 40. And, since that time, she has not only found her own inner artist, she has helped many others find theirs. As she explains on the show, she doesn't teach people how to paint, she helps people experience their own artistic awakening. Artist and author Dorsey McHugh joins us to talk about self discovery, fears, and all things artsy. Also, she talks about the wonderful and insightful book ,she co-authored with Joanne Miller: the recently released, Be your Finest Art.

An important part of the conversation, that needs to be mentioned, is that Dorsey never said to herself: "I want to be an art teacher. Therefore I must ..." She simply expressed herself fully and unapologetically. The students and opportunities came as a by-product of her expression.  

Dorsey's world changed when she picked up the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards.

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