ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

It was an incredible defining moment for her - Wrapped in a Mink coat once belonging to her step mom, and clutching a bottle her roommate had left behind, she drank herself down to a tear-soaked crawl. Lonely, desperate, and in pain, she managed to wipe away the sobs of people, experiences, and opportunities missed, found her footing, and chose to stand on a new perspective; one in which she would no longer hide-out, play small, or not go all-out. Her new way of thinking has paid off for her BIG time - she's gone from assistant, to VP, to business owner, to bestselling author. The gracious and courageous Libby Gill joins us to share an empowering and practical ReLaunch! idea for knowing what to do next. 

Two incredible books by Libby

You Unstuck: Mastering the new rules of risk-taking in work and life and Traveling Hopefully: How to lose your family baggage and jumpstart your life

Five ReLaunch! ideas she expands on

  • Clarify the vision (Use 18 months as a timeframe).
  • Choose love over fear.
  • Give yourself permission to have a sloppy first draft.
  • Be brave.
  • Keep your life as simple as you can.

Listen to Libby's first appearance on ReLaunch! - Resilient and Resourceful

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It was an intense, high-stakes, stare-down, when they first locked eyes. She caught his gaze and refused to look away as armed guards ushered Saddam into the courtroom. He was the first to break the silence, yelling out a guttural, death-sentence command, that was answered with only laughter, as his words no longer had meaning or consequences attached to them. (He used to have people killed for staring at him.)

Colonel Jill Morgenthaler (RET) joins us on the show to share how she was able to keep the faith, stay confident, and transition from high-alerts and split-second timing, to Ted Talks and paid speaking engagements. 

By the way, after her military and government career ended, she was pretty much an unemployable, entrepreneurial, 50ish, new recruit.

Colonel Jill shares her first steps as a new speaker:

  • What she did to improve her stage presence;
  • How she handled the naysayers;
  • To whom she reached out;
  • Where her confidence and first gigs came from.

Front-line managers and trail-blazers, this book will help you find The Courage to take Command.

Advice she would give her younger self

  • Stand up for yourself and hang in there, you'll be fine.

Jill's complimentary, downloadable resource: Two articles in one - "How to be Decisive" and "How to have Thick Skin".

Follow Colonel Jill on Facebook and visit her site.

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13 years ago, in just a quick few seconds, Dr. Wolf's life was turned on its head. A go-kart accident left him paralyzed from the waist down and as he explains on the show, took him from "the top of the mountain, to the bottom of the valley". He had a beautiful wife, ambitious kids, and one of the busiest OB/GYN practices in southeastern Michigan. Like many people who lose the ability or the opportunity to do the work they cherish, he felt like his identity had been removed. Author David Wolf joins us on the show to share the life-changing message of "The Gift is You" and to help us understand why he wouldn't change a thing.

Three of Dr. Wolf's AHA! moments

  • Your occupation does not define who you are.
  • People remember the little things you do. (He received 1,700 cards, letters, and stories during his hospital stay.
  • Your fight, can be the difference-maker for others.

Know someone who's searching for meaning or recovering from a tragic life event? Send them The Gift is You.

Visit Dr. Wolf on FacebookTwitter, and visit his site.

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His first big audition wasn't just a no-go, as he explains on the show, he "failed so miserably". Still, because he was clear on what he wanted, he learned through his own trials, trips, and tense moments, how to turn them into game-changing, learning opportunities. And learn he did. In fact, he learned his way all the way from the local band scene to international stages and venues. He's played the skins for Tina Turner, Pink, and is currently on tour with the one and only Cher. A trifecta of entertainment within himself, the amazing Mark Schulman joins us and shares three essentials for top performers.

Need some new tricks for your sticks? Check out Mark's how-to-do-it guide - A Day in the Recording Studio

Two A-HA! moments Mark Schulman shares on the show

  • How you experience the "now" is how you control the future.
  • How to turn a double negative into a one positive goal. 

The advice he would give to his younger self

Don't just hear. Listen. 

Follow Mark Schulman on FacebookTwitter, and visit his site.

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Working in the restaurant, co-owned with her husband, things moved so fast, she didn't have time to think. Not realizing she had grown addicted to the stress of constant knee-jerk reaction and motion. Once she left the business, she found herself spiritually restless, uneasy, and ready to reconnect with herself. Not knowing any better (no formal training or advanced  degree), she picked up her first paintbrush at age 40. And, since that time, she has not only found her own inner artist, she has helped many others find theirs. As she explains on the show, she doesn't teach people how to paint, she helps people experience their own artistic awakening. Artist and author Dorsey McHugh joins us to talk about self discovery, fears, and all things artsy. Also, she talks about the wonderful and insightful book ,she co-authored with Joanne Miller: the recently released, Be your Finest Art.

An important part of the conversation, that needs to be mentioned, is that Dorsey never said to herself: "I want to be an art teacher. Therefore I must ..." She simply expressed herself fully and unapologetically. The students and opportunities came as a by-product of her expression.  

Dorsey's world changed when she picked up the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards.

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Can a diagnosis of cancer be a blessing? Listen to the show and decide for yourself.

Carolyn's back story >>> She was fully engaged - living in San Francisco on a fast-paced, entrepreneurial ride to success. Then, when her father fell ill, she moved across the country to care for her aging parents. Two years after the move, she would receive a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Now, in a less familiar location, with a west coast business that didn't work in the east, she faced a variety of ReLaunches! Serial entrepreneur Carolyn Akel joins us on the show to share how she was able to change careers, start a new business, slow down her life and lifestyle, and focus on family, health, and relationships. She also gives three solid ideas for how to do it. 

Two Big Drawbacks

As she shares on the show, for a long time, she was stuck in her head;

She was resentful and resisted the cross-country transition.

One of her biggest entrepreneurial and personal challenges (Isn't it true for all of us?)

Understanding who she really is and then recreating herself. 

One of the important lessons learned during her sickness and recovery

Things that once appeared important, are petty.

Follow Carolyn on TwitterFacebook, and visit her site.


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After retiring early from the Army, like a lot of corporate veterans, he simply didn't know what he should do next. After all, he had been following orders for just about all of his working life. After testing the health, weight loss, and self-improvement waters, he decided to chart his entrepreneurial course for opportunities in that direction. Transplanting his family to a new town, he put together two key pieces of the business-building puzzle that helped him to not only sell-out his first live event, it put him on the map. Founder of The Prescott Adventure Boot Camp for Women, fitness coach Sgt. Steve Rosen (the go-to guy for helping women take control of their health), joins us on the show to explain how he was able to ramp-up his influence and expertise to get fast business traction.

Tired of your own excuses? Get a blueprint for dropping weight and getting in shape? Get a copy of Sgt. Steve's book - Operation Motivation.

How he decided on the focus for his business

He asked himself what he would do for free. 

Entrepreneurial AHA! moments he talks about

In the Army, he was responsible for creating the outcome. As an entrepreneur, he had to learn how to release the outcome, knowing that he had done his best.


Every dumb thing I've ever done has made me into who I am today. 

Two game-winning moves he made in his new town

  • He started developing business relationships.
  • He told everyone he met what he was planning to do.

Books that were very helpful for Steve - The Yes Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer, No More Mondays by Dan Miller, and   Shut up, stop whining, and Get a Life by Larry Winget. 

Follow Sgt. Steve on TwitterFacebook, and visit his site

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She had a hard time wrapping her head around the idea of turning her "passion for fashion" into anything more than a fantasy. So, for the first part of her working life, she choose the safer route, and made her living as a seamstress. The idea of getting paid to shop, was just not part of her everyday thinking. As one girlfriend trip to the mall led to another, it was obvious to many that she had an eye for detail and a flair for style. Her companions would often say to her, “You can really charge for that.” On the show, fashion consultant Lori Wynne joins the conversation to share how she was able to walk away from what she knew, plan for the life she wanted, and step into what she lovedFashion with Flair is now in its 10th year.

Books that made a remarkable difference in her transition: The Bible and The Secret.

Her entrepreneurial turning point: When she realized that she wasn’t just a mom and had value to offer.

Biggest entrepreneurial challenge: She had to learn how to market and network effectively.

If she could go back and talk to the 20-year old Lori: “Have confidence in yourself!”

Lori’s best ideas for marketing, networking, and how to work a room: Talk about your passion to everyone. People are drawn to people who are passionate. You never know from where your next opportunity will come.

Visit Lori’s site and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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She had the victim mentality down pat. She was convinced that she was dealt a bad hand, spiraling into a web of self-pity and poor decision making that left her tangled-up, homeless, and unemployable. While she was reading good books and had a coach that flat-out told her - "Your attitude sucks," it took a shift in her own belief system, before it "struck home". Recently having celebrated her 60th birthday, and showing zero signs of slowing down, the no-nonsense, common sense, business coach, Kathleen Gage, joins the conversation to share how she systematized her business, made a lot of money, helped countless people, and carved out time for friends, family, and fun.

Here's a simple way to get started. Get Kathleen's Kindle book and go - Power up for Profits: The smart woman's guide to online marketing

Just had to mention this: After giving him one "but" after another, Kathleen's coach finally said to her - The only "but" you need is the one you sit on. 

Four pieces of advice Kathleen would give her younger self

  • Live large and go after the dreams.
  • Realize that falling down is part of the process.
  • Surround yourself with the people you want to become.
  • Be kind, pay it forward and when you are given the opportunity, take it.

The book that started it all for her - The Magic of Believing

Follow Katheleen on Twitter, Facebook, and visit her site - Power up for Profits.

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It's amazing how fortune favors the brave. After an uninspiring day of trying to rally interest in their book, they had one final copy left. As a last-ditch effort, at least for this book conference, they handed-off the last copy to a stranger. After a quick read of the bullets and main points, he told Andrea and her husband - If you'll change the cover, I'll take 5,000. That one-more-try commitment, and go-for-broke mentality, started an incredible chain reaction that shaped the husband-and-wife team into powerhouse presenters. One-half of the Go for No team, Andrea Waltz joins us on the show to share the key ingredient that can jump-start solopreneur start-ups and revitalize brick and mortar businesses.

Andrea and her husband's book is a MUST for entrepreneurs and sales pros - Go for No!

A courageous decision with tremendous results

When they decided to move forward with the new biz strategy, marketing to old clients was over. Period. It was new business from here on out.

Two AHA! moments to take with you

  • Done is better than perfect;
  • Be open and willing to refine your message. 

A book that was very helpful for her The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Advice she would give to her younger self

Don't worry. You'll be more confident as time goes by. 

Follow Andrea on Twitter , Facebook, and visit her site

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She was working as a personal trainer yet feeling like a fraud. Buying into the myth that heaviness ran in her family, as she explains on the show - I was teaching people how to lose weight, but couldn't lose it on my own. It took severe medical symptoms and a scare (extreme fatigue, chronic illness, and the brink of diabetes) to jolt her from a perpetual patient to a busy moms' champion. Health and Fit coach, Lisa Fox Bail, joins us on the show to share how she took control of her healthlost 65 lbs, and now empowers and equips moms to do the same.


An A-HA! moment Lisa shares on the show

I had this concept that weight loss had to be a struggle. 

If Lisa could give advice to her younger self

  • Don't take yourself so seriously;
  • Treat yourself almost as gentle as you do your child.

Tired of feeling fat and frustrated? Visit Lisa's site, get her report, and learn the three mistakes that many people make. 

Follow Lisa on Twitter and Facebook.

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After twenty-plus years of honing her craft as an entertainer - singer, actress, and recording artist, she found herself against the wall. Tired, frustrated, and pigeon-holed in the career she worked hard to build, she knew she needed to shake her own cage. A traumatic experience triggered her personal expectations and set her in motion. Author, speech coach, and motivational speaker, Eleni Kelakos, joins us on the show to share her path to have more wealth and freedom, and best ideas for speakers to become more confident, certain, and present.

Two tough personal growth lessons she talks about on the show

She was more than enough;

She has been standing in her own way.

If you're thinking about a career change, relationship change, or a change in the way you treat yourself, Eleni's book, Touch the Sky, may have the answer you're looking for.

One of the A-HA! moments she shares

It's not only OK to stand in who you are, it is your responsibility. 

Follow speech coach Eleni on TwitterFacebook, and visit her site.

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After a substantial financial setback sent her and her husband reeling and grieving for the life they once had, a decision was made to NOT lose another minute of joy and happiness.

Recovering attorney, bestselling author and relationship coach Shela Dean joins us on the show to share how she boosted her confidence, strengthened her marriage, and built a business so she could be available for her family. 

Her books - Frequent Foreplay Miles and Redate your Mate.

Shela's biggest internal challenges

The belief of not being capable of giving or receiving love.

Her entrepreneurial A-Ha moment

I can't have a good relationship with others, until I have a good relationship with myself.

One of the books that helped during her transition: Gift from the Sea, (she would give this book to all expectant moms).

Need to ReLaunch your relationship? Shela snuck in four great ideas for falling in love again.

  • Recreate yourself;
  • Rejuvenate your dating behavior;
  • Reawaken your dating mindset;
  • Revitalize your marriage model.

Follow Shela on TwitterFacebook, and visit her site.

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With a code to a free profile test (limited number).

Like most of us, she was so wrapped up in what she did (she was writing ads for the first half of her career), she didn't notice her natural gifts or the full value of what she had to offer. As her own case study of sorts, she learned that for her own success, the key was not to fix weaknesses, but to identify and optimize strengths. As she explains on the show - If you don't know your own value, you can't expect anyone else to either. 

The amazing Sally Hogshead joins us on the show to share her hottest ideas from her latest book, How the World Sees Youand gives us an incredible tool for understanding what it means and how we can use it - the famous profile test "How the World Sees You".

Check this out, she IMMEDIATELY gave us some business advice based on our profile results! 


Sally's incredible gift to the ReLaunch! nation. Go to this link and Use the code "jboggess" (without the quotes) and take the quick 5-minute Fascination Advantage Assessment and learn how the world sees you. (Available for first 500 listeners.)

Killer insights Sally shares on the show

  • "Different is better than better";
  • Don’t change who you are but become more of who you are.

Follow Sally on TwitterFacebook, and visit her site.

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When the doctor begins the conversation with, "This might be the worse I've seen..." you have a pretty good idea that the discussion is headed downhill. The told her she may never walk again. Obviously, that triggered a variety of signal-flare emotions for the fourth generation entrepreneur- fear, doubt, worry, guilt, shame, and confusion, signaling she needed to make deliberate shifts and adjustments to her life and lifestyle. She needed mobility, flexibility, and high income possibilities. On the show, international speaker, entrepreneur coach, and author of Solve any Problem in 10 Minutes, Tina Dietz shares how she was able to get back her confidence, raise her fees, and develop what she calls an "oasis-based business" - code for business at the beach.

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Financially and emotionally bankrupt, he was out of ideas and out of resources. His father passed away in 2004 after a courageous fight and his mom unexpectedly followed him shortly thereafter. With his 401k up in smoke, and a house that was foreclosed upon, he promised himself that he would no longer trade his time for dollars. He recently celebrated his one-millionth podcast download. Host of The Solopreneur Hour - Job security for the unemployable, Michael O’Neal joins us on the show to share the three ingredients he needed to mix for success as a solo act. 

Three game-changing books that turned-the- table for Michael - The eMythStrengths Finder, and The Magic of Thinking Big.

Michael's Backstory >>> After losing his parents and facing financial collapse, a mentor suggested he take time to mourn his loss. While he never got the chance to take his parents to Europe while they were living, he did the next best thing he could think of - in a Parmesan shaker (straight up), he spread their ashes all over the continent - the Sistine Chapel, the Beaches of Normandy, Notre Dame, pretty much any landmark you can think of.

A common entrepreneurial mistake he talks about

Would-be entrepreneurs often convince themselves why something can't or won't work. 

Follow Michael and The Solopreneur Hour on TwitterFacebook, and visit his site.

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Today’s guest went from an overnight bread delivery driver, to a published author and an international speaker. He also created a plan that helped him trade in his snow shovel for a pair of flip-flops - a house in Wisconsin to a home in Hawaii. Writer, career coach, and dream-chasing expert, Kimanzi Constables joins us on the show to share how he doubled his income, grew his influence, and upgraded his lifestyle Read his book - Are you Living or Existing

One of his biggest entrepreneurial fears

He didn't want to alienate people 

A book that really helped with his concern - Book yourself Solid by Michael Port

His rallying cry

I don't want to be a carbon copy of everyone else.

A book that helped with his writing - Bird by Bird

Kimanzi's backstory >>> For twelve years, today’s guest settled on being stuck.

He was doing work that made him miserable, was 142 pounds over-weight. and lived in an area he couldn’t wait to leave.

After growing sick and tired of being sick and tired, in 2012 he finally said to  himself, and his wife, “enough is enough” and took action on his dream; the entrepreneurial dream that kept him up at night.

Complimentary eBook from Kimanzi - The Little Guide to Figuring out your Dream

Follow Kimanzi on TwitterFacebook, and visit his site.

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Programmer turned author and entrepreneur, our guest was occupationally pigeon-holed. Knowing that she wanted to break loose, it took a life-altering event to get her full attention. Author of Think like an Entrepreneur, book publishing mentor, Deb Bailey, joins us on the show to share how she was able to find freedom from her own stereotypical image and create a business that fully expressed who she is.

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Night shift operations manager, turned entrepreneur, online marketer and top podcaster, Anthony Tran, host of "Marketing Access Pass", joins us on the show to share how he was able to build a business that would give him time with family, relief from stress, and opportunities for professional growth. (His greatest worry turned out to be an unquestionable asset.)

Anthony's back story >>> He would spend two-thirds of his night-shift (2p-1a) lunch hour commuting back-and-forth from home, leaving a precious 20 minutes for his young son and wife. Over time, the migraine headaches would set-in, some worse than others, with some lasting for two weeks. While he was trying to do right by his family, he was missing out and losing himself in the process. It was obvious to him that his situation needed to change and, as he explains on the show - if I wanted freedom, I had to find a way. 

Stimulated by an idea from his uncle, coupled with his wife's confidence and the support of other aspiring solo-preneurs and world-changers, he knew he had the know-how and tools to make the business work, he just had to get over his own mental speed bumps to convince himself to go full throttle. As you'll hear on the show, one of his biggest concerns, actually turned out to be the accelerator he needed. 

 Words of wisdom and experience from Anthony and "Marketing Access Pass"

  • There is no such thing as failure unless you accept it. 

Follow Anthony on TwitterFacebook, and visit his podcast and website. 


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Cliff's backstory >>> A guaranteed half-million dollar paycheck was waiting for him if he could just hold out. And, while he tried, for a while to hang in there (after all, it was the business his father built), the emotional and relational costs were something he and his wife were no longer willing to pay; the “real cost” of his success was destroying his self-esteem, family relationships, and spiritual wholeness. He was at risk of bottoming out. Says Stephanie - I need to know I can have my husband back.

Cliff Ravenscraft, THE Podcast Answerman joins us on the show to share how he made the most irresponsible decision possible, and how it benefited and served everyone.

Enjoy the show. Cliff is incredibly transparent on ReLaunch!

Our guest today is one of the premier front-runners in the entire podcast movement space. He’s spoken at ground-breaking events like New Media Expo, Michael Hyatt’s Platform conference, and is of course, scheduled to be one of the headliners at this years Podcast MovementConference in Dallas. His Podcasting A to Z course has set the standard for online, community-based podcasts, and instructor-led podcast instruction.

Follow Cliff on Twitter,Facebook, andvisit his site.

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Like a lot of well-intentioned, heart-centered, people do, she promised herself that "someday" she would write a book. Confident she had more to offer, but uncertain that her nursing background would transfer well (or at all) into the book-writing or entrepreneurial world, she pulled her resources, drummed up her courage, and came up with her own solution. Bestselling author, coach, and transformational speaker, Debra Kasowski joins us on the show to share practical steps for making the transition from occupation to empowering lifestyle.

A book she co-authored with Charmaine Hammond -  GPS your Best Life

Debra's biggest Entrepreneurial fear 

People won't see me as credible.

A thought that she kept getting tangled in

I didn’t see how my experience as a nurse could contribute to my entrepreneurial world.

Need ideas? Check out this book: The Entrepreneurial Mom's Guide to Growing a Business, Raising a Family, and Creating a Life You Love

Two A-HA moments Debra talks about on the show

Your hunger has to be strong enough to make any changes;

We have to unlearn a lot of thing that got us where we are.

Advice she would give her younger self

Don’t wait to chase after what’s burning in your guts;

You already have what it takes, step in and stretch yourself;

Take a chance, ask for what you want, and detach from the outcome.

Follow Debra on TwitterFacebook, and visit her site.

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Kate's back story >>> While she enjoyed her HR job at a bank, her appetite for challenge and thirst for growth were not being satisfied. Doing what she thought she was supposed to do in her professional life - climb the ladder, the straw that finally broke the corporate camel's back was when, in 2010, she was skipped over for a promotion. She was understandably heartbroken and, as she explains on the show, went through a period of sadness and victim-thinking. That changed for her though, once she was reminded of the potential she has; the potential she had forgotten, simply because it wasn't given the value it deserved.

Was she scared of the unknown, by following her instincts and moving into the entrepreneurial world? Of course she was! After all, everything she would now try to create for herself, she hadn't done.

Joining us on the show today is content creator and community director for one of THE hottest podcast communities I’ve seen, heard about, or been a part of. While John Lee Dumas covers the front-end of Entrepreneur on Fire - interviewing today’s most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs, this woman on-fire, pretty much handles everything else.

The amazing Kate Erickson shares her best advice for following your dreams, taking action, and finding support.

Key Difference-maker for Kate

  • She was not willing to let go of the life she wanted.


Follow Kate on Twitter and Facebook. Learn how to CREATE - GROW - MONETIZE your podcast with Kate and John.

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She called-off her wedding just a few months before the big day, left a draining job, and decided to quit playing the role of a victim. Shaky, nervous, and convicted, she surrendered to who she knew herself to be and allowed herself the gift of a do-over - she changed her mindset, launched her business, and developed a healthier relationship with the woman she saw in the mirror. 

Entrepreneur and career coach Stephanie O'Brien joins us on the show to share how she started her practice, got her first clientand marketed her services. 

This show is a MUST for mothers with daughters age 15-30!

We hear expert after expert sing these powerful words

It’s ok to not knowing everything - just get started.

If she could time-travel and give advice to her younger self

  • Don't allow others to write your life plan. 

Follow Stephanie on Twitter, Facebook, and visit her site.

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Given the orders to hunt down a suicide bomber in an Iraqi  town of two million, Officer Smiley spotted what appeared to him to be a suspicious vehicle - an Opel (a common car driven in Iraq) that was weighed down heavily by something in it's back seat or trunk. Summoning the driver, there was a defiant response. After two, out-of-harm's-way warning rounds by Smiley, he heard a boom, and as he explains on the show, "my world went black". The Army's first blind, active duty officer, Major Scotty Smiley joins us on the show to help us celebrate Independence Day and to share how forgiveness is cleansing hope is always visible.

Quoting Amazon: "Since the moment he jumped out of a hospital bed and forced his way through nurses and cords to take a simple shower, Captain Scotty Smiley has climbed Mount Rainier, won an ESPY as Best Outdoor Athlete, surfed, skydived, become a father, earned an MBA from Duke, taught leadership at West Point, commanded an army company, and won the MacArthur Leadership Award."

Get a copy of Scotty's amazing book - Hope Unseen.

Pivotal moments and events Major Smiley shares

  • The anger and resentment that caused him to walk away from God;
  • The darkness that followed;
  • The healing power of forgiveness (he was able to forgive the terrorist that blinded him);
  • His triumphant return to active military life
  • The earning of his MBA;
  • The unexpected release of his first book. 

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Man of faith, author, and world-class speaker, Scott Schilling joins us on the show to share five pivotal, perspective-changing questions that will add fuel to your ReLaunch! and power your success.

Scott's back story - As a speaker and trainer, he was at the top of his game - hanging out backstage with some of the biggest names in the industry (Colin Powell, Laura Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and Steve Forbes), speaking in stadiums filled with thousands of eager participants, and making tremendous waves of impact. And then, through no fault of his own, the company that was responsible for putting together and promoting these HUGE venues imploded, sending shrapnel everywhere and short-changing some of its key people.

With a keen understanding of seasons and timing, and an optimistic viewpoint, in his own writings, Scott reminds us that "everything that has transpired has truly been put into my life to benefit me and those I touch going forward. The world IS conspiring for my good!" On the show, he explains how everything can be used as a learning experience, if we will only allow it to be. 

Books by Scott - Without Customers... Ya got Nothin'!Conversations on Success - 5, and Talking with Giants!

An A-HA! observation Scott expands on

  • Life is not a logical process.

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Today's guest is an investor, entrepreneur, podcaster, and author. Thrown out of grad school in an earlier life, he'll be the first to tell you - I don't know what I want to do for the rest of my life.

He’s started and sold several companies. 

Made millions. Lost millions. Made millions back. 

As he explains on the show - he's ready to change careers about every six months. 

He's the author of 12 books including  Choose Yourself40 Alternatives to College, and his latest title, The Power of No

He hosts one of the hottest podcasts on iTunes today. The witty, fascinating, man of mystery, James Altucher is our guest. No telling what will come out of his mouth!!! :-)

James' words of wisdom

  • Through the valley of failure, you plant the seed of success;
  • If you don’t learn to say "no", people are going to say "no"to you.

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From a trailer park beginning, she worked herself up and into a Beverly Hills lifestyle as a model and an actress. Jet-setting between on-location sets and her original Texas home, on the outside, her life looked glamorous, exciting, and fun. However, as she explains on the show, "inside I was dying". The mixture of long hours with high stakes, made for a dangerous recipe. "I found different ways to numb myself." A late-night routine she fell into involved Vicodin and booze.

On a trip back home, she made the decision to not go back to work and to live simple. And, in the summer of 2002, she admitted herself into rehab to begin the recovery, healing, and rebuilding process. 

Fashion and style expert, Tiffany Hendra, joins us on the show to share how she turned her "mess into her message". 

The A-HA! moment that changed everything for Tiffany

In the midst of facing her past, she ran "smack into" her purpose.

A powerful lesson she learned

"God is a much better control freak than I am."

Get Tiffany's free eBook resource - Set it. Say it. Strut it. 

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