ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

While she had one of most successful teaching studios in the city (she taught classical guitar), she felt conflicted - the strong urge to shift her business focus and the fear of losing her existing students. As the pressure of procrastination pressed-in, her body responded with its own physical reactions - stress, colds, and other symptoms. When given the opportunity to create a program to reduce stress, she not only became her own needed solution, she discovered a wonderful alternative that would bring healing, health, and focus to many. Sound wellness healer Sharon Carne joins us on the show and shares.

One of Sharon's A-HA moments

The perfectionism of a musician doesn't always translate "perfectly" to the world of business.

Two things that helped her stay focused and on-track

  • She built a new circle of relationships around her;
  • She had in-place, solid affirmations.

Her ReLaunch! advice

  • Don't take things personally;
  • Focus on the people you are here to serve.

Complimentary downloadable gift from Sharon - One hour of uplifting and calming birdsong meditation.

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