ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

After voluntarily downgrading himself from manager to front-door greeter (without telling his wife), his plan was already in motion - to sneak out from his 10-year career with Costco, so he could move toward something that was more in line with his style and personality. While Costco was a good gig for him during his first half, climbing the ladder and earning a check, it was incomplete. He wanted, in a career, what most all of us want - to fully express our skills, abilities, and talents. Known by audiences as The Productivityist, Success magazine contributor and TED Talks speaker Mike Vardy joins the show..

The Itch to begin a Speaking Career

Somehow or another, he ended up in an improv class. And, with his first taste of on-stage performance, he has hooked.

Best advice

"Be patient."

What contributed the most to his successful ReLaunch!

  • Having a supportive wife;
  • He understood that he didn't have to scrap what he learned in the corporate world, he just needed to adapt it to fit his homemade business.

What he knows now that he wished he knew then

Don't try to do everything at once.

Complimentary downloadable resource - Mike Vardy's manifesto

Stop doing Productive and Start being Productive

Don't just pick stuff. Pick the right stuff.

Being selfish with your time can make you more selfless over time.

Don’t fight your body clock.

Set limits. They are your guardian against overwhelm.

Looking for a solid book to add to your productivity library? Mike recommends Getting Things Done by David Allen.

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