ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

While his adult height is only three feet, there is nothing small about this man. The famous author, humorist, and a sought-after speaker Dr. Sean Stephenson talks about his "enough is enough" moment, how he turned situation to his favor. He shares ideas you can put in practice instantly.

He’s been on just about every TV show you can imagine. His You Tube video has been viewed more than one million times.

His messages have been heard in more than 15 countries. The latest book, Get Off your But, has already been released in six languages.

Dr. Sean Stephenson joins us on the show and shares his passion for ridding the world of insecurity.

In layman's terms, his physical condition is referred to as brittle bone disease. In his childhood reality, it meant that sudden movements, like a sneeze, could result in a fracture. By the time he was 18, he had 200 fractures. 

What triggered his ReLaunch

In his 20s, on a date, Sean heard the words that most everyone can relate to: "I just don't think of you you that way."

And, while many have been hurt or temporarily wounded by that "let down easy" approach, (I know I have), he found it to be life-altering.

Instead of reacting in anger, fear, or disappointment, Sean choose to respond with an empowered perspective.

It was in that moment, he decided, once and for all,  that he was tired of repeating the same, worn-out pattern, trapped in his own version of Groundhog Day.

He would spend the following four years, reading, studying, and absorbing anything that would help him set-up for a tremendous ReLaunch!  

Beliefs challenged in his own journey: Sean had to fight against the myths and lies brought on by his own fears and insecurities, namely - "Who would even want to be around, love, or be intimate with a three-foot tall man."

Since that time, he has gone on to earn his doctorate and is a board certified therapist.

Becoming his own solution

Sean is a master at helping people reframe events, situations, and circumstances to their benefit. A perfect example is the story he shares on the show about his wheelchair. Sean says that while most people talk about being "confined to a wheelchair", Sean is "grateful" to have one and sees it as his  way to "liberation" and "exploration".

Sean's ReLaunch! tips, ideas, and practices:

Surround yourself with people who believe in you;

Unless someone is willing to invest in themselves, they're not really interested in finding a solution.

"The moment we start believing our own excuses, is the moment we are "dead in the water".

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