ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

She went through an emotional roller-coaster after a layoff. Speaker Antoinette Sykes shares her turn-around story and the how-tos of getting your happy back.
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The world’s only Bouncebackologist, Antoinette Sykes, joins us on the show and shares three of her best ideas for staging your own comeback.

  • Get real;
  • Don’t judge your worth by where you are;
  • Be willing to open a new door.

More about our guest: Like any dedicated professional would be, she was hurt and caught by surprise by the leveling news – thank you for your service, we’ll have  to let you go.

And, just like anyone else , she experienced the full range of emotions one would expect in a job loss crisis – fear, worry, doubt, and guilt.

While the “security” of a steady paycheck  faded, her faith in God and in her innate value, began to shine like never before.

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