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Nothing like a little bit of Weird Science to kick off the week. One of the things I learned from speaking with today's guest, the amazing actress Kelly Le Brock, is that she was hired at the very last minute to play the fantasy character, Lisa. With limited movie-making experience at the time (The Woman in Red was her first),  she was flown in, with the clear understanding that she had only two days to commit her lines to mastery.

Not only did she live up to the cinematic expectations of John Hughes and company, her performance, along with the shenanigans of Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr, Bill Paxton and others, has made the movie a teenage classic.

The show, with Kelly, is not about the glitz and glamour of Hollywood or red carpet treatment, it's about being courageous in the battle, believing in your abilities and chasing what you believe you were called to do.

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