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Mel Robbins, host of Robbins Rundown and author of Stop Saying You’re Fine, cuts to the chase to give practical wisdom and guidance. Her raw, fearless approach focuses on results over reasons and intention over excuses.

(Excerpt from Mel’s best-selling book – Stop Saying You’re Fine.)

"Every day you’re bombarded with images of people doing better than you. There is an endless stream of reality shows selling the fantasy that somewhere out there are celebrity trainers, designers, and talent scouts helping people just like you lose weight, spice up their wardrobes, or launch music careers.

Of course, you know this isn’t how the world actually works.

No, you don’t have a reality show or Hollywood team doing everything for you – but you don’t need them. You are very powerful when you put your mind to it.

Everything you need to live the life you want is right there at your fingertips. You can be healthier, more confident, happier and have a greater level of success. You can shrink the gap between the life you want and the life you lead, until it doesn’t exist at all."

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