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She earned her biology degree, turning it into a six-figure-a-year sales career in cardiac medicine. She built her own home with shelves of trophies, trinkets and awards, she had racked up over her twenty-year career. And then, life happened; her positive outlook turned into survival mode - her parents had passed and she had a million dollars stolen from her in a banking ponzi scheme, courtesy of Bernie Madoff.

When I read a vignette of her story in the international bestseller Unwavering Strength, it was all the confirmation I needed. As Deb drove her mom back and forth to her radiation and chemo treatments, she learned at a much deeper level, how to pray, connect, and discover.

On the show, author of The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue, Deb Scott talks about finding faith, living in gratitude and how you can turn an upside-down- world, right-side-up.

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More about our guest - Deb is a motivation and lifestyle consultant, specializing in working with business and corporate environments to transform poor interpersonal dynamics and low-energy groups into high-powered, successful, dynamic teams.

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