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If you’ve seen the movie "Facing the Giants", you'll be able to relate to the story of struggle and heartache, faced by Zechariah and his wife. In the film, Coach Grant Taylor (Alex Kindrick) and his wife Brooke (played by actress Shannon Fields), were facing the frustration of not being able to get pregnant and have a child. Throughout the story, the two main characters grew in their relationships with each other, with others and with God. The movie turns a climactic corner, once the male lead (Taylor), reaches desperation and surrenders, fully, his will to God.

Similarly, Zechariah (today's guest) and his wife struggled to have children. Unlike the characters in the movie, they weathered through four pregnancies, losing all of them at different developmental stages. Their climactic turning point came when they began to shift their mindset from what could have been, to what is now coming. They did something phenomenal - They started preparing to receive God's blessing.

As the movie drew to a close, you could see the dad (Taylor) playing with his little boy, while a pregnant wife looked on lovingly. Today, in Zechariah's home, he and his wife now have three. He joins us on ReLaunch and shares how his hope was restored and how the experience changed how he runs business.

Here's a blog that covers the three steps for restoring hope he talks about on the show.

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More on our guest - Zechariah has owned and operated two Figaro’s Pizza restaurants since 2004, growing sales by 3x their initial annual sales. He writes and speaks on restoring significance to one's life and on finding and pursuing a calling. Everything he puts his hands to comes from a place of restoration.

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