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In January, 1993, while still a teenager, today's guest was being fingerprinted at the White House, by the FBI.  It wasn’t because she was a security risk or up to any trouble (that we know of). She was applying for a volunteer position in Bill Clinton’s White House.

(On the show, Laura Schwartz shares how you can climb to the top by using the networking power of social events.)

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As an unpaid phone handler and call screener, she recognized the opportunity being presented and that for her to seize it, was completely her own responsibility.  Often the first one in and the last one gone, she got her shot at an entry-level administrative position. From there she climbed to Midwest press secretary, then director of television, finally landing a pinnacle role, as director of events, where she coordinated and produced the president’s events on the world’s stage.

She has since gone on to be a recognized expert and political commentator for Fox NewsCNN and, pretty much, everywhere else.

She was named as one of the best keynote speakers by Meetings and Conventions Magazine.

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