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Joining us on the show is, Dondi Scumaci, powerhouse speaker, contemporary thought leader and author. She shared valuable tips for career success in the corporate workplace.

Today's show begins with our guest telling a delightful story of her overseas trip to Africa. It involves , wild monkeys, an early morning wake-up call, five-star tent dwelling, and packets of sugar.

Dondi's ReLaunch: After twenty plus formative years, while cutting her teeth and honing her skills in the corporate world of finance and leadership, she still didn't know all the answers (no one really ever does) but, she held fast to her faith in God and belief in her own abilities, to step step fully into a business or her own making.

Dondi's books include Career Moves,  Designed For Success: The 10 Commandments for Women in the Workplace,  A Softer Strength: The Six Characteristics of a Powerful Woman of God, and Ready, Set...Grow!,

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