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Raised in a small town, in a faith-filled home, she was often singled-out and bullied because of her core beliefs. She didn't care though. As she explains on the show, she had seen miracles happen within her own family (her brother was born dead) and was convicted in what she knew to be true.

"Deathly" afraid of the stage, she felt God's strong tug, pulling her to California and into the world of acting. Knowing what was real for her, she and her husband packed up their few belongings and moved from the heartland of Virginia into a roach-infested apartment. As she explains on the show, she would rather move to CA and be wrong, than to be disobedient to God.

On the show, actress Jen Lilley (also known as Theresa Donovan to her Days of our Lives fans), shares hopeful stories of faith and possibility - Don’t put God in a boxHis plans are bigger than yours.

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