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Driving the military-issue Humvee on late-night patrol, the night-vision goggles he was wearing didn't detect the thin, almost invisible trip wire, stretched across the road. The explosive power of the bomb blast sent the 10,000 pound armored vehicle, along with him and two crew members, through the air and into a ditch. He woke up on Christmas Day in Walter Reed Army Medical Center - His left arm and leg had been amputated from the injuries.

On the show, American hero Noah Galloway, shares how he sank into unhealthy habits, isolation, and depression, until the fateful moment of his decision and Relaunch! As you'll hear him tell it, a hard look in the mirror at the man, husband, and father (three kids) he had become, jolted him into fierce action.

Now, several years later, he is the 2014 Ultimate Men's Health Guy. If you've been to the store lately, you'll see him on the cover of the November issue of Mens Health.

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