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With more than twenty-five years experience as a nurse, she knew how to handle patients, doctors, treatment plans, and ER situations. It wasn't until an emergency showed up in her own life (ulcers in her throat) that she was moved to find alternatives and remedies that modern science and medicine couldn't offer.

A captain in her own healing journey, she came to understand that the root cause of her condition had not been treated. While the drugs and surgery calmed and quieted the symptoms, they did not bring true healing. On the show, holistic coach Rochelle Forrest, talks about how she found her healing, power, and purpose - Life is playful again!

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Two Fun Facts - Rochelle unwittingly started coaching people about their health and lives at her clinic, until the doctor told her that she needed to start a coaching practice, because that was what she was doing. He also said that patients were disappointed if they didn’t get to see her.

As she shares on the show, she came across a painting she did when she was just five years old. As it turned out, it was her first vision board.


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