ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

In the midst of a thriving entrepreneurial career (speaking, marketing, consulting), just about any serious health scare (let alone cancer) can cause us to slam on the brakes. When the news came, it forced him to think about things (his family's well-being and legacy) from a different perspective and with a different understanding.  While he now had a built-in excuse for self-pity, slowing down, or giving up, as he enthusiastically explains on the show, to him, cancer was a gift. It caused him to be laser-focused on the work he was here to do and the difference he was here to make. One the show, 7-time bestselling author, Mike Koenigs, talks about how to write a bestseller in record time.

While writing changed his possibilities, life and lifestyle, the how-to steps he mastered, gave him the tools that would empower writers, speakers, coaches, and equip the next wave of bestselling, difference-makers.

We all have at least one book in us. Read Publish and Profit. In it, Mike lays out a 5-step system for how to attract: paying coaching and consulting clients, traffic and leads, product sales, and speaking engagements.

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