ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

A broken marriage left her to raise five kids on her own; the loss of her job compounding the already tough situation she was in. Her instincts took over quickly and her focus shifted immediately to survival. With no time self-care and healing, she scrambled and did what any parent would do - whatever she had to. Within a few days after her termination, her phone began to ring. As it turned out, the relationships she had built and developed through the years, (former coworkers, friends, and clients), were throwing her the lifeline she needed for a single mom ReLaunch! 

While the back-on-her-feet opportunity was available, her commonsense voice cried out "no". After all, she knew very little about running a business, doubted her "capability" and had extremely limited funds ($500).

However, as our guest Shanna Gray explains, God said "yes". And, when she received His answer as confirmation, she felt a warm and secure "bear hug of peace and love".

Trusting God, she found favor with vendors and decision makers and began to build her security business from ground zero.

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It's been said that the best way to learn about yourself is to start a business.

As painful and as heart-wrenching as this experience must have been (I would never pretend to be able to fully understand the range of emotions she went through), the courageconviction, and resourcefulness she tapped into reflects, who she was all along.

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