ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

While she learned to tolerate life in front of the camera, her unsatisfying career as a newswoman and an anchor, led her to a dangerous addiction, poor relationships, and low levels of self esteem. She would sometimes sneak away from the TV station early, running away from the job she grew to hate. Her moment of truth (the clarity to leave) came as a literal punch in the face. BAM! And then BOOM to the floor. She was sucker-punched by a victim's family member, whose murder trial she was covering.

Away from an environment that had become toxic, she was able to get clean, healthy, and happy. On the show, Joleene Moody talks about leaving the past behind, stepping into the unknown, and how to start a career shift.

Understanding and embracing her calling, she brings clarity, confidence and direction to individuals, speaks to and motivates crowds, and transforms audiences with her common sense and often comedic approach.

During the Christmas season, 2014, Joleene's first full-length comedy, Visiting Bammy Lewis, will debut at CNY Playhouse in Syracuse, NY.

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