ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

If life is a highway, he was on the fast-track - a six figure-a-year salary, a dream car, and unlimited possibilities. As he slid behind the wheel that night, somewhere in another part of the city, someone who had one to many trips to the bar. was fumbling for his keys. Out on the open highway, he hit a cool speed of 70. Driving the wrong way in the same lane, the other driver slammed into him at a combined force of 140 MPH, crushing 11 of his bones and leaving him trapped behind the wheel.

Pronounced dead at the scene by emergency workers (clinically dead for six minutes, in a coma for six days), our guest not only defied the first responders, he refused the diagnosis of paralysis, and defied the logic of the medical community. On the show, bestselling author of The Miracle Morning and Taking Life Head On, Hal Elrod, talks about the two times he hit rock bottom since the accident and how he was able to come back stronger and more confident than before.

This is gold >>> Hal gives the specific details and A, B, Cs of his miracle morning routine - actionable tips that can improve your life immediately.

Need more Hal? Get tons of excellent speeches and free training on Hal's You Tube channel and join him for his Best Year Ever Blueprint!

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