ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

It was a tremendously moving experience for him - He was sitting by his step-father's bedside, during his last days, where he saw a vision of his own funeral. It was a sobering jolt that quickly caught his full attention and straightened out some of the ideas and beliefs, by which he was living.  As he explains openly on the show, for most of his working life, money was his target and "the almighty dollar" was the bull's eye.

Author of What is your What and Journey to You, New York Times bestselling author Steve Olsher, shares ideas and tips for finding what you were born to do and how to transition into it.

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More about Steve: America's Reinvention Expert - He has been called “an innovative, engaging and empowering presenter, who tells it like it is.” Transforming audiences around the globe, his message is - “We are each born with an inherent blueprint that we must heed, in order to make an extraordinary difference in our life and the lives of others” .

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