ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

An entrepreneur with an optimistic viewpoint (a great and very practical combination) he waded through 11 business failures while racking up five-figures of debt.

Unwavering from his overall goal of selling a business by age 30, he persevered, fought hard, and made it a reality.

With money in his pocket and an apartment full of expensive accessories, he stepped out onto his balcony and began to weep - realizing that even with a beefed-up bottom line, he still wasn't happy.

Host of Life on Fire, the #1 "entrepreneurial inspiration" show on iTunes, Nick Unsworth joins in and shares the key ingredients that helped him find true success in wealthrelationships, and spirituality.

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Nick Unsworth is a serial entrepreneu and business coach.  As CEO of Life on Fire, his mission is to inspire the masses to do what they love, relentlessly pursue their passion, and live the dream.  Nick sold a business by 30 years old, coached over 1,750 entrepreneurs, and consulted clients including NY Times Best Selling Author John Assaraf, Keller Williams Real Estate, Safeco Insurance, and many more.

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