ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

No surprise here - as an up-and-coming entrepreneur, he had a different philosophy and style than his boss. He was a corporate guy, a manager, struggling to make a difference, but losing a little of himself at the same time. While it probably didn't feel like a blessing at the time, the straw that broke the corporate camel's back was actually liberating, giving him the opportunity to finally live up to his own potential.

On the show, personal trainer, weight loss expert, and host of Tips of the Scale, Sam Lomeli, shares steps he took after his job loss, how he found his business idea and ways that he stayed positive during the startup.

He also explains how he gained control over his own destiny and, like any father, left a legacy for his son.

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About his show

Tips of the Scale is a podcast celebrating the weight loss success stories of real people from around the world, discussing the challenges they faced on their weight loss journeys.

Sam also interviews health & fitness experts who share their favorite tips, common weight loss myths, and their knowledge and expertise to help you make healthier choices.

No marketing hype.

No gimmicks.

No pushy sales pitches.

He goes straight to the source - to hear what works for real people, and what their advice is for you.
No matter where you are starting, whether you have 30 pounds to lose or 300, you will find someone there speaking directly to you.

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