ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

On the show, author of Zag: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance Brands and The 46 Rules of Genius, branding and design lynchpin, Marty Neumeier, shares his best ideas for tapping creativity, exploring possibilities, and harnessing potential.

Marty's backstory >> He had an ambitious dream and a big goal - to be on the cover of a magazine. The good news is, he made it happen; unfortunately, the cover story didn't feature runaway entrepreneurial and business success, it highlighted business busts.

Sharing his amazing come-from-behind story, that includes employee embezzlement, six-figure yearly deficits, multiple false-starts and the loss of his family's 20-years-plus nest egg, Pei and I are honored and grateful that Marty chose ReLaunch! as the first place he would tell the untold truth.

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Here are some of Marty's other ground-breakers : The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design and The Designful Company.

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