ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

After years in corporate America, working and leading in the male-dominated IT industry, the pain and almost overwhelming stress of her job began to show up in physical symptoms – anxiety and panic attacks accompanied by routine trips to the emergency room.

With prayer and patience, she realized that to be fully alive, and to live the life God had for her, she would need to be proactive and intentional with her decisions and actions. And, with a plan, she decided to change everything in her life.

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Not only did she not fade back into default mode at her job, she moved into a career that she was already doing as an unpaid-hobby – inspiring, empowering, and equipping individuals and audiences through her speaking, coaching, and writing.

Take a peek at Cathy’s other book – Emotional Bailout! and one of her personal favorites – 7 Habits by Stephen Covey.

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Golden Nuggets from the Show

  • Life change is not a quick-fix; when you allow yourself time to evolve, your worries will dissolve;
  • There are lies we tell ourselves we don’t realize. Fill in the blank: “I can never find/have____.” What you’re thinking is what you attract to yourself, because your subconscious shapes your behavior.
  • “I had the disease to please – allowing everyone to take over and own my identity”;
  • Why do goals for the new year fade after just a few weeks? We take our eyes off the prize and “life creeps in” or subconscious takes over.
  • Be aware that when you have a vision/goal, your subconscious will try to take over with “you can’t do that”, “you are too old…"

Success tip: 

  1. Make sure your affirmations contain the three-Ps: they’re positive, present-centered, and personal.
  2. In the beginning of change, surround yourself with supportive people. Sometimes the first negative comment you hear, tends to throw you back into that default place where the toxic stuff is ready to take over.
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