ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

He’s cranked out four CD’s as a solo act, created an incredible personal development training program for solo-preneurs, and he’s written or co-written four books,including one of my favorites - the million selling book, QBQ! the Question Behind the Question. On the show, rock and roller turned author and speaker, David Levin shares tips, ideas, and strategies on focus and productivity. He also shares solid takeaways for new and aspiring speakers.

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David's Backstory >>> Busier than ever, he made the mistake that many of us make in the first half of our professional lives - he confused activity with accomplishment. And, as he explains on the show, by the time he had reached his mid-30s, he realized two things - that he was wasn't achieving all that was possible and therefore was falling short of the person he was capable of coming.

He realized something else too - that this was unacceptable to him. 

David learned how to remove distractions, break out of mediocrity, and take 100% responsibility.


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