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For all things related to website traffic - like how to generate more of it and what to do once you have a stadium full of people, she is your go-to gal. On the show, proud mom, loving wife, devoted Christian, and Internet marketing whiz, Ana Hoffman is our guest. She shares ideas that have helped her contribute to her family and build a stay at home business.

Ana's backstory >>> Born in Russia, she was no stranger to trying out new ideas and exciting opportunities. In fact, she and I share a laugh when she quickly answers one of our questions with, "I was young and stupid!" When the company she worked for gave her the option of coming to America, single and ready for her next adventure, she jumped at the chance. The new-culture freshness didn't last and before long, she was ready to head back to her motherland to begin again. And then, as often happens in life, God throws a curveball and says something like, "Really? Well what are you going to do about this?" She met a man, fell in love, and was married within three months.

Later, with a new born baby and a husband medically discharged from the Air Force, Ana knew she needed to build a business that would compliment her family, rather than work against it. 

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