ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

She suffered from clinical depression. On the show, fitness trainer, Amy Clover shares her amazing come-from-behind ReLaunch! story and her rallying message - Your struggle is valid. You owe it to yourself to find a solution.

Amy's backstory >> She was a phone call away from becoming a statistic. She had given up on people, herself, and the possibility of a better tomorrow. The note was written. The details taken care of. And the last phone call made. It was the suggestion made by her ex-boyfriend that put things in motion. As they were wrapping up the conversation, he begged her to get help, to talk to someone, to make another call. She called Suicide Hotline. Thankfully, for all of us, there was a kind, understanding, non-judgemental soul on the other end. 

That late-night fateful call and the emergency room visit that happened the following day, triggered her to begin an amazing journey of self-discovery and exploration. And, while she was labeled with "clinical depression" from her high school days, and had given in to drugs & alcohol, and other risky behaviors more than once, she learned that she is worthy of a change for the better.

While it didn't happen overnight (it doesn't for any one), through her own determination and willingness to grow, she was able to combat depression and she discovered how to be strong from the inside out. 

She not only lost the 30-lbs she had been fighting with, she also developed the confidence she needed, to make the difference she wanted.

Resource she mentioned: 7 Cups of Tea - where people can connect with others who would listen.

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