ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

He was abandoned by his dad at age one and his mom when he was six, yet he made it through his childhood. By the time he was fifteen, he tried to take his own life twelve times, but still made it to adulthood. Somewhere in his unimaginably traumatic journey, he found HOPE and the willingness to move on. Now in his 30s, he has made it his mission to empower and equip today's at risk youth, for tomorrow's possibilities. The founder of A Human Project, Wes Chapman is our guest. The rallying cry that he shares - If only you believe! 

Information on his Biography - Runt: The story of a fearless child

Wes' backstory >>> There is an amazing resiliency in kids. Even though, beginning from pretty much day one, he was abused in every way you can imagine - spiritually, physically, sexually and emotionally, he never used it as an excuse or as a way out. Taken in and sheltered by a single woman he affectionately refers to as mom (she would become disabled shortly after taking him in), he learned how to harness the fortitude and spirit within him.

A true entrepreneur, he shares a funny story of how he took it upon himself to go door-to-door in his neighborhood to sell fresh cut flowers. The problem was, the flowers were pulled and cut from mom's garden. When nine year-old Wes pulled out a wad of cash that would choke a horse ($500), the laughter-filled response was priceless - "Go cut more flowers."

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