ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

She has been featured in Forbes, US News, and a variety of other media hotspots. On the show, career coach and founder of the Revolutionary Club - The #1 destination for smart women who won't settle for anything less than career happiness, Christie Mims. She talks about how she was able to find clarity over craziness and gives the one trigger that has never failed her. 

Christie's backstory >>> Like many people circling the wheel of corporate performance and measures, she tricked herself into believing that with the next promotion, she would, finally, be happy. Sharing openly on ReLaunch! that, while working herself into positions of respect and admirability, she was miserable on the inside. She tried to medicate herself away from the misery (like many of us do or have done), seeking thrills and experiences that would numb the pain - exotic vacations, shopping, over-eating, and watching too much TV.

She knew a new plan was needed, designed around her passions, but she was scared - scared others would find out that she didn't like her job and scared that she didn't really have a passion.

To ReLaunch! her life and career, Christie gave herself three favors:

  • She hired a coach;
  • She explored (you have to hear the ideas she tried!)
  • She took action. 

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