ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Emotional intelligence and leadership expert Mary Pat Knight joins us on the show to share three steps that boosted her confidencecleared the runway, and guided her to where she needed to be.

Mary Pat's backstory >>> Like most children, she learned the rules for getting by – “stick to the route”.

And, while she was able to professionally pursue her childhood passions of singing and dancing, once the pizzazz started to fade, and the sizzle turned to fizzle, she was devastated, overwhelmed, and stuck.

Coping and dealing with the unfamiliar emotions as best she knew how, by her own admission, she looked for someone or something to blame – family, choices, and wrong information.

When her frustration reached a head, she left behind two things that were no longer serving her – a relationship and her first career. Woman entrepreneur Mary Pat Knight shares her journey of creating the business she loves.

Her Golden Nugget: Feedback is a gift, no matter how it’s wrapped.

Two books that helped her in her relaunch and transition:

Follow Mary Pat on Twitter and Facebook. Mary’s complimentary resource on her site: Five reasons your team is not engaged.


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