ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

On the show, lifehacker, serial entrepreneur, and host of The Competitive Edge, Scott Britton joins us to share his journey pursuing a fulfilling life, his favorite success routines and life hacks.

Scott's backstory >>> After stringing together some big ticket wins early in his entrepreneurial career (one of them with eight zeroes behind it), most people expected him to continue doing the same thing - to climb into the captain's chair, man the controls, and launch the next big money-maker. He, on the other hand, was searching for more than just his next financial windfall. He was hungry to tap his potential and experience life at the highest level possible. With opportunities on the table and career choices in the balance, he pulled off what was a surprise to some and an encouragement to others - he chose himself.

Scott's Four Game-changing Morning Routine questions

  1. What decisions and actions have you been putting off?
  2. What actions make you completely scared yet you know taking it will greatly benefit your life?
  3. How Would you feel to accomplish those actions?
  4. Today I commit to ___________.

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