ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

The divorce turned his world upside down. By outward appearances and society's standards, he was doing great - a great job, money in the bank, and a portfolio of 20-plus rental properties that spun-off healthy, annuity-like payments. While I would never pretend to understand fully the heartbreak and financial devastation he experienced, it haunted him. As he shares on the show, he wasn't just down for a season, he was practically down for the count.

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Near square one, once again, an unlikely stranger said something to him that changed his outlook, attitude, and direction - "If you live in the past, the past will become your future". From that moment on, he was no longer satisfied with settling for average outcomes and minimal participation (his words not mine), he developed an empowering new mindset and followed it up with explosive, expectant-level action. For him, failure was not an option.

Author and results coach Shawn Shewchuk joins us on the show to share proven methods to achieve your goals now.

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