ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

If your marriage is in need of a quick start, jumper cables, or even life support, you’re going to want to tune in for today’s show with husband and wife authors, Jeff and Lora Helton, of the 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge. They share ideas to improve your marriage communicationintimacy, and fun.

The Helton's backstory >>> Like most newlywed couples, they were excited about the possibilities and eager to build a healthy, happy home. And as kids started to show up (Jeff and Lora have four), and the routines of career and everyday life kicked in, as they openly share, after about seven years, their marriage drifted from center stage, to a back burner.

In a support group setting, it was a woman's comment that jolted Jeff out of the groove he had settled into. (He describes it well on the show.) In a nutshell, she recognized the anger and resentment he had built-up over the years and by her choice of words, got his full attention. Those stinging words helped to set the challenge and the commitment for personal and marital growth and development. Jeff and Lora have been happily married for twenty-seven years.

Need ideas for better conversations? - 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge

Pastor Jeff Helton has served as pastor and church leader for more than twenty five years - mentoring, coaching and linking arms with men, couples, and families. The “better half” of the Helton crew, Lora, is passionate about mentoring and speaking into the lives of moms and young women. She has a masters degree in clinical psychology and has practiced privately for seven years.

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