ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

It was an incredible defining moment for her - Wrapped in a Mink coat once belonging to her step mom, and clutching a bottle her roommate had left behind, she drank herself down to a tear-soaked crawl. Lonely, desperate, and in pain, she managed to wipe away the sobs of people, experiences, and opportunities missed, found her footing, and chose to stand on a new perspective; one in which she would no longer hide-out, play small, or not go all-out. Her new way of thinking has paid off for her BIG time - she's gone from assistant, to VP, to business owner, to bestselling author. The gracious and courageous Libby Gill joins us to share an empowering and practical ReLaunch! idea for knowing what to do next. 

Two incredible books by Libby

You Unstuck: Mastering the new rules of risk-taking in work and life and Traveling Hopefully: How to lose your family baggage and jumpstart your life

Five ReLaunch! ideas she expands on

  • Clarify the vision (Use 18 months as a timeframe).
  • Choose love over fear.
  • Give yourself permission to have a sloppy first draft.
  • Be brave.
  • Keep your life as simple as you can.

Listen to Libby's first appearance on ReLaunch! - Resilient and Resourceful

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