ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

It was an intense, high-stakes, stare-down, when they first locked eyes. She caught his gaze and refused to look away as armed guards ushered Saddam into the courtroom. He was the first to break the silence, yelling out a guttural, death-sentence command, that was answered with only laughter, as his words no longer had meaning or consequences attached to them. (He used to have people killed for staring at him.)

Colonel Jill Morgenthaler (RET) joins us on the show to share how she was able to keep the faith, stay confident, and transition from high-alerts and split-second timing, to Ted Talks and paid speaking engagements. 

By the way, after her military and government career ended, she was pretty much an unemployable, entrepreneurial, 50ish, new recruit.

Colonel Jill shares her first steps as a new speaker:

  • What she did to improve her stage presence;
  • How she handled the naysayers;
  • To whom she reached out;
  • Where her confidence and first gigs came from.

Front-line managers and trail-blazers, this book will help you find The Courage to take Command.

Advice she would give her younger self

  • Stand up for yourself and hang in there, you'll be fine.

Jill's complimentary, downloadable resource: Two articles in one - "How to be Decisive" and "How to have Thick Skin".

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