ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Can a diagnosis of cancer be a blessing? Listen to the show and decide for yourself.

Carolyn's back story >>> She was fully engaged - living in San Francisco on a fast-paced, entrepreneurial ride to success. Then, when her father fell ill, she moved across the country to care for her aging parents. Two years after the move, she would receive a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Now, in a less familiar location, with a west coast business that didn't work in the east, she faced a variety of ReLaunches! Serial entrepreneur Carolyn Akel joins us on the show to share how she was able to change careers, start a new business, slow down her life and lifestyle, and focus on family, health, and relationships. She also gives three solid ideas for how to do it. 

Two Big Drawbacks

As she shares on the show, for a long time, she was stuck in her head;

She was resentful and resisted the cross-country transition.

One of her biggest entrepreneurial and personal challenges (Isn't it true for all of us?)

Understanding who she really is and then recreating herself. 

One of the important lessons learned during her sickness and recovery

Things that once appeared important, are petty.

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