ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

After retiring early from the Army, like a lot of corporate veterans, he simply didn't know what he should do next. After all, he had been following orders for just about all of his working life. After testing the health, weight loss, and self-improvement waters, he decided to chart his entrepreneurial course for opportunities in that direction. Transplanting his family to a new town, he put together two key pieces of the business-building puzzle that helped him to not only sell-out his first live event, it put him on the map. Founder of The Prescott Adventure Boot Camp for Women, fitness coach Sgt. Steve Rosen (the go-to guy for helping women take control of their health), joins us on the show to explain how he was able to ramp-up his influence and expertise to get fast business traction.

Tired of your own excuses? Get a blueprint for dropping weight and getting in shape? Get a copy of Sgt. Steve's book - Operation Motivation.

How he decided on the focus for his business

He asked himself what he would do for free. 

Entrepreneurial AHA! moments he talks about

In the Army, he was responsible for creating the outcome. As an entrepreneur, he had to learn how to release the outcome, knowing that he had done his best.


Every dumb thing I've ever done has made me into who I am today. 

Two game-winning moves he made in his new town

  • He started developing business relationships.
  • He told everyone he met what he was planning to do.

Books that were very helpful for Steve - The Yes Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer, No More Mondays by Dan Miller, and   Shut up, stop whining, and Get a Life by Larry Winget. 

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