ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

It's amazing how fortune favors the brave. After an uninspiring day of trying to rally interest in their book, they had one final copy left. As a last-ditch effort, at least for this book conference, they handed-off the last copy to a stranger. After a quick read of the bullets and main points, he told Andrea and her husband - If you'll change the cover, I'll take 5,000. That one-more-try commitment, and go-for-broke mentality, started an incredible chain reaction that shaped the husband-and-wife team into powerhouse presenters. One-half of the Go for No team, Andrea Waltz joins us on the show to share the key ingredient that can jump-start solopreneur start-ups and revitalize brick and mortar businesses.

Andrea and her husband's book is a MUST for entrepreneurs and sales pros - Go for No!

A courageous decision with tremendous results

When they decided to move forward with the new biz strategy, marketing to old clients was over. Period. It was new business from here on out.

Two AHA! moments to take with you

  • Done is better than perfect;
  • Be open and willing to refine your message. 

A book that was very helpful for her The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Advice she would give to her younger self

Don't worry. You'll be more confident as time goes by. 

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