ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

She was working as a personal trainer yet feeling like a fraud. Buying into the myth that heaviness ran in her family, as she explains on the show - I was teaching people how to lose weight, but couldn't lose it on my own. It took severe medical symptoms and a scare (extreme fatigue, chronic illness, and the brink of diabetes) to jolt her from a perpetual patient to a busy moms' champion. Health and Fit coach, Lisa Fox Bail, joins us on the show to share how she took control of her healthlost 65 lbs, and now empowers and equips moms to do the same.


An A-HA! moment Lisa shares on the show

I had this concept that weight loss had to be a struggle. 

If Lisa could give advice to her younger self

  • Don't take yourself so seriously;
  • Treat yourself almost as gentle as you do your child.

Tired of feeling fat and frustrated? Visit Lisa's site, get her report, and learn the three mistakes that many people make. 

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