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With a code to a free profile test (limited number).

Like most of us, she was so wrapped up in what she did (she was writing ads for the first half of her career), she didn't notice her natural gifts or the full value of what she had to offer. As her own case study of sorts, she learned that for her own success, the key was not to fix weaknesses, but to identify and optimize strengths. As she explains on the show - If you don't know your own value, you can't expect anyone else to either. 

The amazing Sally Hogshead joins us on the show to share her hottest ideas from her latest book, How the World Sees Youand gives us an incredible tool for understanding what it means and how we can use it - the famous profile test "How the World Sees You".

Check this out, she IMMEDIATELY gave us some business advice based on our profile results! 


Sally's incredible gift to the ReLaunch! nation. Go to this link and Use the code "jboggess" (without the quotes) and take the quick 5-minute Fascination Advantage Assessment and learn how the world sees you. (Available for first 500 listeners.)

Killer insights Sally shares on the show

  • "Different is better than better";
  • Don’t change who you are but become more of who you are.

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