ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Today’s guest went from an overnight bread delivery driver, to a published author and an international speaker. He also created a plan that helped him trade in his snow shovel for a pair of flip-flops - a house in Wisconsin to a home in Hawaii. Writer, career coach, and dream-chasing expert, Kimanzi Constables joins us on the show to share how he doubled his income, grew his influence, and upgraded his lifestyle Read his book - Are you Living or Existing

One of his biggest entrepreneurial fears

He didn't want to alienate people 

A book that really helped with his concern - Book yourself Solid by Michael Port

His rallying cry

I don't want to be a carbon copy of everyone else.

A book that helped with his writing - Bird by Bird

Kimanzi's backstory >>> For twelve years, today’s guest settled on being stuck.

He was doing work that made him miserable, was 142 pounds over-weight. and lived in an area he couldn’t wait to leave.

After growing sick and tired of being sick and tired, in 2012 he finally said to  himself, and his wife, “enough is enough” and took action on his dream; the entrepreneurial dream that kept him up at night.

Complimentary eBook from Kimanzi - The Little Guide to Figuring out your Dream

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