ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Cliff's backstory >>> A guaranteed half-million dollar paycheck was waiting for him if he could just hold out. And, while he tried, for a while to hang in there (after all, it was the business his father built), the emotional and relational costs were something he and his wife were no longer willing to pay; the “real cost” of his success was destroying his self-esteem, family relationships, and spiritual wholeness. He was at risk of bottoming out. Says Stephanie - I need to know I can have my husband back.

Cliff Ravenscraft, THE Podcast Answerman joins us on the show to share how he made the most irresponsible decision possible, and how it benefited and served everyone.

Enjoy the show. Cliff is incredibly transparent on ReLaunch!

Our guest today is one of the premier front-runners in the entire podcast movement space. He’s spoken at ground-breaking events like New Media Expo, Michael Hyatt’s Platform conference, and is of course, scheduled to be one of the headliners at this years Podcast MovementConference in Dallas. His Podcasting A to Z course has set the standard for online, community-based podcasts, and instructor-led podcast instruction.

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