ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Night shift operations manager, turned entrepreneur, online marketer and top podcaster, Anthony Tran, host of "Marketing Access Pass", joins us on the show to share how he was able to build a business that would give him time with family, relief from stress, and opportunities for professional growth. (His greatest worry turned out to be an unquestionable asset.)

Anthony's back story >>> He would spend two-thirds of his night-shift (2p-1a) lunch hour commuting back-and-forth from home, leaving a precious 20 minutes for his young son and wife. Over time, the migraine headaches would set-in, some worse than others, with some lasting for two weeks. While he was trying to do right by his family, he was missing out and losing himself in the process. It was obvious to him that his situation needed to change and, as he explains on the show - if I wanted freedom, I had to find a way. 

Stimulated by an idea from his uncle, coupled with his wife's confidence and the support of other aspiring solo-preneurs and world-changers, he knew he had the know-how and tools to make the business work, he just had to get over his own mental speed bumps to convince himself to go full throttle. As you'll hear on the show, one of his biggest concerns, actually turned out to be the accelerator he needed. 

 Words of wisdom and experience from Anthony and "Marketing Access Pass"

  • There is no such thing as failure unless you accept it. 

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