ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

From a trailer park beginning, she worked herself up and into a Beverly Hills lifestyle as a model and an actress. Jet-setting between on-location sets and her original Texas home, on the outside, her life looked glamorous, exciting, and fun. However, as she explains on the show, "inside I was dying". The mixture of long hours with high stakes, made for a dangerous recipe. "I found different ways to numb myself." A late-night routine she fell into involved Vicodin and booze.

On a trip back home, she made the decision to not go back to work and to live simple. And, in the summer of 2002, she admitted herself into rehab to begin the recovery, healing, and rebuilding process. 

Fashion and style expert, Tiffany Hendra, joins us on the show to share how she turned her "mess into her message". 

The A-HA! moment that changed everything for Tiffany

In the midst of facing her past, she ran "smack into" her purpose.

A powerful lesson she learned

"God is a much better control freak than I am."

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