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It was a turn-of-the-tables. A question he often asks patients and clients, was now being asked of him by his young daughter - “Why do you put up with this?” With a jolt of sobering reality, he realized (like many under his care have), that he didn't need nor have to any longer. With a decision of second-half self-care, he chose to ReLaunch! his life, based on what he knew to be true of himself - success from the inside out. Psychologist and international speaker, Dr. Ganz Ferrance, joins us on the show to talk openly about the symptoms that come along with inauthentic living and the antidote that is readily available for those that seek it.

Dr. Ganz's Prescription for a successful ReLaunch! 

  • Take care of yourself first. Says Ganz - "You have a duty";
  • Fill up your tank with simple routines;
  • Give yourself permission to stop moving.

Two Clarifying A-HA! Moments

  • The most individual about us is the most universal about us;
  • We are never alone.

Best advice he received during his ReLaunch! 

  • Be true to yourself and what you want. 

Favorite book – 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.

Other books that have been helpful in Dr. Ganz's journey - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Peaceful Warrior.

The most individual about us is the most universal about us. You are not alone.

Visit his "How to destress" site.

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During the first phase of her professional life, she "worked real hard to get to where she didn't want to be". And, while her resume was filled with household names and familiar brands (Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting), she found herself needing the personal growth and experiential change that corporate America could not offer.

In her 40s, she began making the shifts and adjustments that would help her to live-out the life that she knew was waiting for her - she bought a house, left her marriage, walked away from her corporate gig, and at age 47, published her first book. Unorthodox? Perhaps. However, she learned that she is resilient and resourceful through dramatic midlife changes. Libby Gill joins us on the show to share five solid steps that will help you JUMPSTART your second half.

Golden nuggets from the show:

  • Libby questioned what deeply held beliefs and limiting assumptions that resulted in a career that was gratifying in some ways, but didn't speak to her soul any longer.
  • "You can write your way into your next level of life."
  • Coming from a very dysfunctional family, Libby adapted and learned to serve others, but realized she has her own voice, as well.
  • "I do have something to say, not everyone resonates with me, but there are enough people who are interested."
  • "When we have too many options, we tend to get overwhelmed and shut down."
  • "Are you surrounding yourself with limiters or liberators?"

Get her book - Traveling Hopefully - How to lose your family baggage and jumpstart your life

Libby shares 5 steps to JUMPSTART your life

  • Dissect your past - What served you in your 20's or 30's may no longer serve you;
  • Find your passion;
  • Recruit your own support squad - ASK for help, not just always offering help to others;
  • Develop a roadmap - her free resource link;
  • With each decision and activity, ask yourself - "Is this moving me toward the life I want?"

Ideas/resources for new authors: 

  1. Tim Grahl, Help authors build platforms;
  2. Not being afraid to release your first book, give it a try and get it out there;
  3. Join other writers and form a mastermind group - keep yourself accountable;

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Her clients include ABC-Disney, Avery Dennison, CA Technologies, Comcast, Deloitte, Eli Lilly, GoDaddy, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, Nike, Oracle, PayPal, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Safeway, The Conference Board, Warner Bros., Wells Fargo, and many more. A frequent media guest, Libby has shared her success strategies on CNN, NPR, the Today Show, and in BusinessWeek, Time, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more.

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After 1o years experience in the public education system, she was ready for a professional transition. Still excited and passionate about her desire to teach, equip, and empower, she just needed to work with students who were open and beautifully receptive to what she had to offer and share - spiritual growth, healing, and health. Described by her readers and audiences as being “practical and poetic with deep and gentle wisdom,” she has inspired women around the nation to live with clarity of mind and compassionate hearts. Author Jan Lundy is our guest.

 An A-HA! moments Jan shares on the show

  • When your inner life is in order, all areas are healthy;
  • If you pay attention to how you feel, you'll find where your juice is.

Incredibly effective actions she took that powered her ReLaunch! and transition

  • She ventured out;
  • Joined new associations;
  • Attended conferences.

Jan's rock-solid advice for transitioning into a TREMENDOUS second half

  • Trust your inner wisdom.

Two of Jan's five enlightening spiritual growth and development books

Your Truest Self - Embracing the woman you were meant to be and Perfect Love

Jan's complimentary PDF downloadable eBook for the ReLaunch! audience - 12 Essential Practices to be Fully Awake. Here's what you can expect to learn in her eBook - how to steer clear of spiritual amnesia, how to avoid complacency, and how to be alert, aware, and calm. 

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In his younger years, Chris struggled with career and life direction. In his own words, "I would quit before they fire me". Today, he is an expert in the field of human consciousness and is also deeply grounded in the practical world of business. Chris Attwood, co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test - The Effortless Path to Discovering your Life Purpose, joins us on "ReLaunch".

Need help finding yours? Get your copy of The Passion Test and get in touch with what excites you.

Chris’ best advice and tips for ReLaunch!

  • Money-based decisions are never sustainable;
  • Nature and life will always guide you;
  • Consistently decide in favor of your passions;
  • Rank your top five passions, the rest will fall in place.

Incredible analogy and thoughtful explanation shared by Chris

Life, like breathing, is a series of expansions and contractions.

A ground-breaking event him - The Work by Byron Katie

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Of course she was scared. And who could blame her? Two days before Thanksgiving, November 23, 2010, she got a phone call from her doctor that rocked her world: squamous cell carcinoma - cancer of the mouth. But as this Women of Faith and Focus on the Family speaker explains on the show, the level of fear she experienced, surprised even her. Michele Cushatt, writer, speaker, busy mom of six, and cancer survivor, joins us on the show and talks about making peace with an imperfect life.

Says Michele - I allowed worry to become my means of control.

Michele’s Recovery A-HA! Moment

She realized that “What if?” questions were hijacking her life.

Imperfect Places Michele Found Healing

  • In the midst of her cancer fight, she and her husband adopted three at-risk children;
  • She started hanging out with people who were also in a mess;
  • She acknowledged her limits;
  • Michele changed the way she communicated with others and herself.

Michele’s Imperfect Tips

  • Life is precious, don’t wait until tomorrow what you can do now;
  • Work hard on your dream, but don’t forget relationships along the way;
  • Don’t let the fear of tomorrow rob you of life today.

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Although today’s guest has run a successful home-based business for 18 years, she’ll be the first to tell you that she has had her share of doubts.

“I was tempted more than once to take the safe and practical road by joining the ranks of the corporate cubicle dwellers after years of self-employed freedom and flexibility. But that’s not a life suited for me. I longed for personal growth, independence and the kind of creative living that can only be found as an entrepreneur. I can’t help it; the entrepreneurial spirit is in my blood.”

Founder of the International Christian Mompreneur Network, Theresa Ceniccola joins us and shares the professional blastoff ReLaunch! she set up up for herself after the economy went south, clients left, and baby number three was here.

Theresa’s best advice for ReLaunch!

  • You are never trapped;
  • Embrace imperfection;
  • Sample from many plates;
  • Don’t worry about getting all your ducks in a row;
  • Lean on God.

Join the ICM Network (no cost) and get the toolkit that all Christian entrepreneurial moms should have.

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She landed right in the middle of her childhood dream, to work in the music business. And, while the nine years spent in that industry were fun, exciting, and personally fulfilling, she recognized (over time) that the spiritual restlessness she felt was really a signal for her to move on and explore other venues and other opportunities. The question she kept asking herself - Is this the best gift I have to offer? Today’s guest loves “putting feet to vision”, leadership front-runner and author, Jenni Catron.

Complimentary study guide for "Clout"

One of her A-HA! observations

Restlessness could be a sign that it is time for a seasonal change.

In her latest book, “Clout – Discover and Unleash your God-given Influence” - You’ll learn how to step into your sphere of influence with the humble confidence of Christ.

Keys to career change! 

  • Understand that your gifts are transferable;
  • Reach out to mentors;
  • Write a thank you note to everyone you've worked with;
  • For your first few days, listen and learn (become a sponge).

Three pieces of advice she would give to her 20 year old self

  • Quit comparing yourself and trying to fit in;
  • Rather than mimicking others, influence the world in the way you are wired;
  • By embracing your uniqueness, the people around you get to enjoy the best of you.

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If you've ever heard this man speak, you would quickly agree that Bob Burg  is one of the most gracious and thoughtful people that have ever graced a platform. The verbal mixture of sincerity and practicality softens any stage and endears the hearts of worldwide audiences. While it caught me off guard (he is one of my heroes in the speaking world), this wasn't always the case for him. Not by a long shot. On the show, The Go Giver himself, Bob Burg talks openly about his early-in-life battles with OCD (in his own words - debilitating), gossiping, and negativity. (My own personal commentary - Bob's willingness to be transparent and open about his struggles and personal ReLaunch! says more about him and his character than this interview could ever do.)

His greatest fear

Not living up to his potential.

One of the many books that helped Bob learn to live in gratitude

Guard your Tongue by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

If he could go back and give advise to his younger self

"Shut up and listen."

Other incredible business books by Bob Burg - Endless Referrals-3rd edition and Adversaries into Allies

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While she had one of most successful teaching studios in the city (she taught classical guitar), she felt conflicted - the strong urge to shift her business focus and the fear of losing her existing students. As the pressure of procrastination pressed-in, her body responded with its own physical reactions - stress, colds, and other symptoms. When given the opportunity to create a program to reduce stress, she not only became her own needed solution, she discovered a wonderful alternative that would bring healing, health, and focus to many. Sound wellness healer Sharon Carne joins us on the show and shares.

One of Sharon's A-HA moments

The perfectionism of a musician doesn't always translate "perfectly" to the world of business.

Two things that helped her stay focused and on-track

  • She built a new circle of relationships around her;
  • She had in-place, solid affirmations.

Her ReLaunch! advice

  • Don't take things personally;
  • Focus on the people you are here to serve.

Complimentary downloadable gift from Sharon - One hour of uplifting and calming birdsong meditation.

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We all find ourselves in this rut at some point - not making the difference we know we’re capable of. The lack of expressed authenticity or the not-knowing of how to engage in it, can be frustrating and downright emotionally draining. While it didn’t happen overnight (nothing ever does), once he decided to stop “playing the role” of who he thought he should be, is when everything started turning for him. Syndicated radio host and bestselling author of The Rich Life, Beau Henderson joins us on the show and shares ideas, tips, and truths for moving from stressor to strength.

Rich Life Tips

  • Surround yourself with people smarter than you;
  • Get over it - It’s not about you;
  • Connect to what lights you up first, money and happiness will then come easily.

Complimentary eBook from Beau Henderson and the team at Rich Life Advisers - Rich Life Stewardship Principles (DIRECT DOWNLOAD - NO SIGN IN REQUIRED0

One of Beau’s favorite reads - The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield

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