ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Say what you will about this guy, one thing is for sure - he will not leave you guessing.

Known to his fans as The Pitbull of Personal Development®, Larry Winget is one of the country's leading business speakers and a member of the International Speaker Hall of Fame.

Get the #1 NY Times Bestseller - Shut up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life

He has over twenty years of experience speaking to nearly 400 of the Fortune 500, sharing his insights and principles in the areas of success, leadership, customer service, sales, and personal finance.

Larry coached families in financial crisis on A&E's reality series Big Spender and he is a featured expert on many television shows, including Fox News, CNBC, and others.

Another bestseller - Your Kids are your own Damn Fault

On the show, he speaks openly and candidly about his midlife crisis, speaking career, and family.

Larry  is the author of other New York Times and Wall Street Journal best sellers, including: People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It!; You’re Broke Because You Want to Be; and It’s Called Work for a Reason! 

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By her own admission, she had the perfect job, for the plan she had at the time. She  went from a secretarial position, at a prestigious law firm in Ohio, to a key team player for political events and fundraising campaigns. And, while her career was going  well, she realized that is was a fast-track to the "safe route", but not where she wanted to be. While leaving her firm was difficult, she knew it was time. "I knew I needed to go out on my own, because it just felt right. I was either going to sink or float and I needed to know which one ASAP, so I could move on to plan B, if needed. But, I haven’t needed it yet."

On the show, video marketing expert and founder of Vlog Boss Studios and Savvy - Sexy - Social, Amy Schmittauer talks about getting past safety and transitioning from full- time salary to entrepreneur.

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Learning how to let go of her arrogance and inability to watch-over and protect the whole world, were lessons that were not easily learned. Like many of us, she thought it was her personal responsibility to make sure everything was done on time, under budget and with absolute perfection - unrealistic expectations that turned into spiritual and emotional unrest.

One of the A'Ha! moments she talks about on the show, relates to the injustice she personally experienced - Things don't happen to us, they happen for us.

Six-time EMMY® Award winning media coach, Shawne Duperon, has taught thousands how to communicate as leaders in business. You have seen her featured in major media outlets and publications including, CNN, ABC, “Inc. Magazine,” and “USA Today", to name just a few. Today, as our ReLaunch! expert, she shares a side, with which you may not be as familiar - her ability to forgive, grieve, and love.

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Bestselling author, Bob Beaudine, wrote the book on how to build, grow and sustain relationships. The Power of Who is a step-by-step plan to help you find your dream, through the power of people you know.

Says Bob - “If it’s meant to be, God puts the people in your path”.

On the show, he shares solid tips and ideas for tapping into vision, voicing your dreams, asking better questions and recognizing your WHO.

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More on Bob > Bob’s firm, Eastman/Beaudine, is one of the leading executive search firms in the world of sports and entertainment. He was once named by Sports Illustrated, as the most influential man in sports you’ve never heard of.

He and his crew have shaped the leadership teams of the NBA, NFL and the National Hockey League. Bob’s experience even reaches into the PGA tour, NASCAR and the Olympics.


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After coming-clean with his family and admitting that they had been bleeding money and were now broke, his nine year-old daughter ran to her room and brought to her dad the best solution she could - her piggy bank. And, while I never did ask him how much money she had stashed away in the little plastic money-holder, it didn't matter - it was exactly what was needed to stitch up the problem and help him build a stronger business and home.

On the show, author of The Pumpkin PlanProfit First, and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Mike Michalowicz, shakes up conventional business and bean-counter wisdom to explain how to use the Profit First Formula - a way for businesses to ensure profitability from their very next deposit forward.

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Raised in a small town, in a faith-filled home, she was often singled-out and bullied because of her core beliefs. She didn't care though. As she explains on the show, she had seen miracles happen within her own family (her brother was born dead) and was convicted in what she knew to be true.

"Deathly" afraid of the stage, she felt God's strong tug, pulling her to California and into the world of acting. Knowing what was real for her, she and her husband packed up their few belongings and moved from the heartland of Virginia into a roach-infested apartment. As she explains on the show, she would rather move to CA and be wrong, than to be disobedient to God.

On the show, actress Jen Lilley (also known as Theresa Donovan to her Days of our Lives fans), shares hopeful stories of faith and possibility - Don’t put God in a boxHis plans are bigger than yours.

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To say that today’s guest has a diversity of experience and experiences, is an understatement. She’s worked as a computer programmer, classroom teacher, drug abuse prevention counselor, social worker and union advocate. And, while some may view her career’s journey as an unfocused study in experimentation and course corrections, it gave her a PhD in L.I.F.E., and prepared her perfectly for a rally – a second half rally of coaching, writing, and speaking.

One of the spiciest and sassiest boomer women I know, Inez Bracy joins us on the show to share how she reached a point where she could no longer get out of bed to go to a job she could no longer stand. As she left the unhealthy stability of a place and a paycheck, she didn’t know what she was going to do, but she was absolutely certain about what she was NOT going to to.

Find your way back to yourself. Take a peek at Inez's book - Rejuvenate your Life: 21 days to feel like a woman again

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Driving the military-issue Humvee on late-night patrol, the night-vision goggles he was wearing didn't detect the thin, almost invisible trip wire, stretched across the road. The explosive power of the bomb blast sent the 10,000 pound armored vehicle, along with him and two crew members, through the air and into a ditch. He woke up on Christmas Day in Walter Reed Army Medical Center - His left arm and leg had been amputated from the injuries.

On the show, American hero Noah Galloway, shares how he sank into unhealthy habits, isolation, and depression, until the fateful moment of his decision and Relaunch! As you'll hear him tell it, a hard look in the mirror at the man, husband, and father (three kids) he had become, jolted him into fierce action.

Now, several years later, he is the 2014 Ultimate Men's Health Guy. If you've been to the store lately, you'll see him on the cover of the November issue of Mens Health.

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With more than twenty-five years experience as a nurse, she knew how to handle patients, doctors, treatment plans, and ER situations. It wasn't until an emergency showed up in her own life (ulcers in her throat) that she was moved to find alternatives and remedies that modern science and medicine couldn't offer.

A captain in her own healing journey, she came to understand that the root cause of her condition had not been treated. While the drugs and surgery calmed and quieted the symptoms, they did not bring true healing. On the show, holistic coach Rochelle Forrest, talks about how she found her healing, power, and purpose - Life is playful again!

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Two Fun Facts - Rochelle unwittingly started coaching people about their health and lives at her clinic, until the doctor told her that she needed to start a coaching practice, because that was what she was doing. He also said that patients were disappointed if they didn’t get to see her.

As she shares on the show, she came across a painting she did when she was just five years old. As it turned out, it was her first vision board.


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David Ralph is our guest - he talks about the signs, signals, and symptoms of a stalled career and the need for ReLaunch!

We also have a fun conversation around the future of broadcasting, podcasting, and radio.


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