ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

He, like a lot of entrepreneurs didn't fully recognize the signs and signals of when to walk away, when they first began appearing - decisions that were once a breeze became cumbersome and relationships that were once easy, became challenging and difficult to manage. But, once he realized his own burning desire to man the helm, make the important decisions, and steer the ship, it was obvious to him three things he needed to do - 1) Create an exit plan; 2) Develop his new business; 3) Bridge the gap

Nationally recognized, Hall of Fame speaker and author, Randy Pennington joins us on this edition of ReLaunch! 

Some of the key points he shares:

  • How to get started;
  • One of the most common entrepreneurial mistakes;
  • The key to figuring out what to do next;
  • Solid advice for authors and content creators. 

Get your copy of Randy's latest book, Make Change Work and learn how to stay nimble, relevant, and engaged in a world of constant change. 

Other books by Randy, On My Honor, I Will and Results Rule.

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